YouTube sensation Emily Hartridge gets in touch with her cute side in her latest video

10 reasons why … I love having sisters: YouTube sensation Emily Hartridge gets in touch with her cute side in her latest video



12:08 GMT, 26 October 2012

From the reasons why men cheat to why it's a good idea to get married, video blogger Emily Hartridge's laugh-out-loud videos have become an internet sensation.

But in a departure from her usual style, her latest video shows off her sweeter side as she explains why she loves her three sisters, Charlotte, 30, and twins Alice and Jessica, both 25, so much.

It's not all cute though: 'I can borrow their tampons' and 'no-one will mistake us for a couple' both feature in her list of 10 reasons why.


Emily Hartridge in 10 reasons why...I love having sisters

Internet sensation: Emily Hartridge's hilarious videos are watched by more than 70,000 people per week

Emily Hartridge and her sister debate the many uses for bananas

Fruity: Emily and her sister discuss the many uses of a, ahem, banana

Sister act: your sister will always be there for you, says Emily

Sister act: Your sister will always be there for you, says Emily, and that's why they're great

Also on the list are being able to borrow clothes from sister Charlotte, their understanding of 'girly problems' and being there 'whenever and wherever I need them.'

Emily also appreciates their female friends 'who aren't going to try and shag me…disgusting but true' and that your sisters will always be your best friend, even if they annoy the f***k out of you.'

As ever, most reasons are illustrated with a hilarious re-enactment, including one where sister Jess helps her to choose between ham and cheese for lunch (they plump for both) and a scene in which Jess gets given a bizarre pair of plaited bunches.

Hilariously, one clip shows Emily and sister Jess being mistaken for lesbians as they stroll down the street, arm-in-arm and with Emily's hand on Jess' derriere.

The film ends with a 'pyjama dance' in which the girls dance around chanting 'pyjama dance' before collapsing into a fit of giggles.

Emily plaits her sister's hair

Better than brothers: While a brother might be free with his fists, with a sister, it's all plaits and pyjama parties


1. I can borrow their tampons

2. I can borrow their clothes (every day)

3. My sisters and I have really weird senses of humour

4. A brother would never understand girly problems

5. Wherever and whenever I need them, they will be there

6. Sisters are always going to be your best friend even if they never miss a chance to irritate the f**k out of you

7. If you went out with your brother, some people might think you're a couple. This would obviously never happen with your sister.

8. You can talk about sex with your sisters. You really can't do this with a brother.

9. If I'd had a brother when I was growing up, he would have constantly beat the s**t out of me. My sisters just…plaited my hair.

10. At least all my sister's friends aren't going to try and shag me… disgusting but true

Thanks to her brutal honesty and genius for comic timing, Emily's videos have gone viral with previous posts attracting more than 1,340,000 viewers.

Along with her own Youtube channel, the 10 reasons why series is also shown on the Huffington Post website, where they attract more than 70,000 hits a week.

Previous posts have included '10 reasons why…Men cheat', '10 reasons why…You should date a younger man' and '10 reasons why… You should NEVER get married.'

Some videos have attracted controversy, not least her '10 reasons why…You should choose your friends over your boyfriend' post, giving reasons such as 'your boyfriend's not going to hold your hair back when you're sick, but your best friend will.'

Hartridge was also forced to hit back at a viewer, who left a sexist comment that described her as a 'typical woman w****e, not as hot as she thinks, thinks she's funny but is incapable of making anyone laugh.'

Unamused, the blogger replied: 'Now I don't normally do this, and I actually take everyone's opinions on board, and I don't mind what you guys comment on my videos as you'll notice because I don't disable them, I let you write whatever you want, I don't block users….

She continued: 'But you know what I'm going to name and shame,' before going on to slam the troll as sexist and ignorant.

To see more of Emily's 10 Reasons Why videos visit her Facebook or YouTube pages.

VIDEO: Emily explains why having sisters is so wonderful