Would you have a toe job Women resort to cosmetic surgery to withstand pain of high heels



12:12 GMT, 25 April 2012

With celebrities these days favouring heels as high as seven inches, it seems there is no respite for the fashion-conscious looking to emulate their look.

But while the likes of Victoria Beckham and Colleen Rooney will rarely stand on their feet all day, the same cannot be said for mere mortals.

So rather than withstand the pain – or forego skyscraper stillettos – women across the country are resorting to more extreme measures to ensure their feet are high-heel friendly.


 Coleen Rooney

Victoria Beckham

For the love of high heels: Cheryl Cole, Coleen Rooney and Victoria Beckham are fans of skyscraper stilettos – but rarely have to stand for long periods of time

Less than a pair of Louboutins: The treatment, costs from 320 and results can last up to 6 months

Less than a pair of Louboutins: The treatment, costs from 320 and results can last up to 6 months

The number of cosmetic procedures performed on the feet have doubled in the last year, new research has revealed.

Enquiries by women requesting dermal filler injections
into the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet have soared 21%, double the same time last year.

The virtually painless procedure takes around 20 minutes and creates a pillow effect on the foot – eliminating the common burning sensation associated with wearing high

The treatment, administered by an
experienced practitioner, costs from 320 (less than a pair of
Louboutins) and results can last up to 6 months.

Collagen – a natural protein found in skin tissue – breaks down over
time and can be replenished with injections which 'fill out' the skin.

It does not need to be removed or altered once it has been injected, and slight side effects tend to last less than 48 hours.

Thomas, Spokesperson for Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group said:
'Skyscraper heels are becoming ever more popular with the likes of
Victoria Beckham and Cherly Cole stepping out in towering stilettos on a
daily basis and British women are continuing to copy the look.'