Women don"t like each other very much: Samantha Brick on why she was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

'Women don’t like each other': 'I'm so beautiful' Samantha Brick on why she was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother Writer dubs Julian Clary a 'misogynistic snob'Claims housemates have turned against Julie Goodyear because she is the 'strongest housemate'



14:37 GMT, 4 September 2012

Samantha Brick caused a stir when she declared that she is hated by other women for her beauty, but the Daily Mail journalist, who became the fourth person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother last Friday, says her experience on the show has only strengthened her views on the subject.

The 41-year-old insists that the fact that all of the evictees from the series so far have been women, proves her point that females are often against each other.

‘Women don’t like each other very much,’ she said during an interview on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

You've been evicted! Samantha Brick leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house

You've been evicted! Samantha Brick leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house

Goodbyes: Samantha was the first of the night to say farewell to the Celebrity Big Brother house

Goodbyes: Samantha says farewell to the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday

‘The fact is, there were seven women in that house and now there are just two. Had we bonded together and formed a clique like the guys have done, there would still be seven of us in there and just two guys.

‘But the guys are smart, they grouped together and had each other’s back.’

Reality TV star Jasmine Lennard, glamour model Rhian Sugden, Samantha and lingerie model Danica Thrall have all exited the Channel 5 show, meaning Coronation Street star Julie Goodyear and Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan are the only females remaining.

She says that many of the male housemates, particularly comedian Julian Clary and Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, have been flying under the radar in the house, saving their best lines for the diary room.

‘The guys are like extinct volcanoes,’ she added. ‘Martin just works on his sun tan, and Julian sits there looking bored out of his mind. Except when they get to the diary room and it all explodes!’

Girly gossip: Samantha Brick was given a talking to by Julie Goodyear, who is convinced she won't be voted out this week

High praise: Samantha looked up to housemate Julie Goodyear

Thought you were beautiful Journalist Samantha Brick is forced to wear warts on her face and a bald wig as she forgoes her vanity for latest task

Thought you were beautiful Samantha was forced to wear warts on her face and a bald wig during a task

Samantha, who lives in France with her husband Pascal, is desperate to be a mother and has recently been undergoing IVF treatment.

She admits that she enjoyed mothering younger housemates such as Olympian Ashley McKenzie and Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino.


Baby plans: Samantha and her husband Pascal are hoping to conceive a child with the help of IVF treatment

‘People have commented on the fact that I was like a mother figure in the house and that I looked after all the young ones like they were my own and I really liked that,’ she said in a recent interview.

‘I think there is no shame in saying I would like to be domestic or a good housewife as a career choice and maybe that’s what I’d like to do next.

‘I loved it when people called me mum in the house, as that’s my biggest aspiration right now.‘

During her time in the house, Samantha was particularly critical of Danica and Rhian, who she accused of emotionally manipulating the male housemates.

But she says her opinion of Julian has changed considerably now that she’s had time to watch episodes of the show

‘He’s a misogynistic snob isn’t he’ she exclaimed. ‘He doesn’t like women. He doesn’t like working class people. He doesn’t like my accent. I don’t think I could ever have won him round.’

One housemate Samantha is full of praise for is Julie, and she admits she was stunned to hear the eviction crowd shouting ‘Get Julie out! on Friday evening.

‘She’s a 70-year-old woman, she is registered disabled,’ says Samantha. ‘She talks about everyone behind their backs, but so does everyone else. ‘

The remaining housemates have turned against Julie in the last few days, and the pensioner reacted badly when she discovered that she was up for eviction, along with Martin and Prince Lorenzo.

‘The problem is, the guys are really clever, as is Coleen,’ says Samantha. ‘Julie is the strongest housemate and they want her out.’

Samantha also insisted that she had no regrets about the article that brought her into the spotlight.

Eviction night: Danica and Samantha faced the boot alongside Coleen Nolan, who survived tonight's eviction

Women in the firing line: Samantha was up for eviction along with Danica Thrall and Coleen Nolan

Teary: Samantha seemed overcome after being nominated herself while the housemates praised her over a lovely dinner she cooked for them

Teary: Samantha became emotional when she discovered she was up for eviction

‘That story I wrote in April was my idea,’ she said. ‘It came about when I noticed one of my female neighbours consistently ignoring me and it stemmed from there.

‘I was made to feel that she not only didn’t like me but also that she didn’t want me in her social circle at all, purely because she felt threatened and thought I might fancy her husband.

‘Well, that made me angry and I thought I would write down the very thing that I know lots of women have experienced but are too scared to say out loud.’