WIMBLEDON 2011: Andy Murray"s 50 portions of sushi a day diet

Fuelling muscles Murray: How tennis hero eats 50 portions of sushi a day as part of 6,000 calorie diet

Last updated at 9:44 PM on 1st July 2011


Muscle bound: Britain”s Andy Murray strikes a pose during a training session in 2009

murrays menu

Andy Murray of Great Britain

He man: Andy Murray of Great Britain shows his muscles to the crowd, after defeating France”s Richard Gasquet in 2008

 US actor Will Ferrel

Pumping iron: US actor Will Ferrell flexes his bicep muscle, as did Andy Murray during an earlier match

Andy Murray

Lacking definitionAndy Murray playing Rafael Nadal of Spain at the Australian Open in 2007

Andy Murray 2005

Early days: Tennis player Andy Murray training during Wimbledon 2005