When the party season is over, treat yourself to a New Year Detox with a difference

When the party season is over, treat yourself to a New Year Detox with a difference

Just the ticket: A facial massage and fusion mesotherapy is part of Aldo Coppola

Just the ticket: A facial massage and fusion mesotherapy is part of Aldo Coppola”s New Year Detox (file photo)

So the New Year’s Eve parties are over, the turkey has definitely all been eaten and all that’s left is an empty shell. Yes, it’s New Year detox time.

But for some of us, the obligatory January booze-ban and mass salad consumption may not be enough. So what’s the alternative

Well it depends on what you’re looking for in order to perk up your general appearance but a pampering is a good place to start.

For those who want to go a step further there are now a range of treatments in salons worthy of movie stars – and I got to try a couple of them at Aldo Coppola’s salon in what was billed as a New Year Detox.

First up was fusion mesotherapy, a pain-free non-evasive treatment that boasts immediate and long lasting visible results by transmitting ‘topical’ products through radio-frequency waves to the dermal layer of the skin. It works by increasing the skin temperature from 5 to 7C which in turn stimulates collagen synthesis and skin tightening – basically a face–lift without the scalpels.

According to the website, the increased temperature doubles the diffusion of active ingredients enabling an effective penetration of cosmeceutical products in the deeper layer of the skin – the dermis.

The treatment claims to be able to target several common skin problems including dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles. So after a hard day’s work (and with the remnants of a hangover from socialising the night before) I opted for my under eyes to be the focal part of the treatment.

Having been led into a therapy room complete with ambient music, I lay down on the bed and completely relaxed before the treatment began. I told the assistant that I wanted brighter eyes and accordingly she prepared a mix of products designed to rid them of their dark circles.

Relaxing: Aldo Coppola

Relaxing: Aldo Coppola”s salon in South Kensington has a certain ambience that puts clients at ease

First she massaged my entire face with her fingertips which I later discovered was also a very effective way of removing my make-up. Then she got to work with the fusion mesotherapy. Using a metallic tool the size and thickness of a stick of rock, she massaged the area around each eye with a circular movement. The tool felt warm, but not too hot, and after half an hour I was close to dozing off.

As someone who has always had dark circles under my eyes, there was an element of doubt as to whether this treatment would have any visible effect. But on closer inspection I could see that the small lines beneath my eyes had definitely disappeared and the dark circles appeared less purple than usual. My doubts were further eradicated with a couple of compliments from colleagues – one asking whether I was using different make-up. And the effects lasted at least three days.

The next treatment was Hair Spa Therapy, to overhaul tired tresses and de-stress dehydrated locks.

Detox: Aldo Coppola has a number of salons in London

Detox: Aldo Coppola has a number of salons in London

those who don’t know, Aldo Coppola is a consultant for L’Oreal and one of Italy’s most famous hair dressers. The Hair Spa Therapy treatment package also involves a little relaxation in the form of lengthy sit down in a very comfortable chair that massages your entire back.

Meanwhile, a consultant washes the hair and then mixes a ‘bespoke Aldo Coppola’ hair rehydration and repair treatment made up of henna and a deep conditioning masque. Then a blend of essential oils designed to nourish the hair is applied through a massage which is said to use a method unique to Aldo Coppola. A blow-dry completes the treatment.

It has to be said that the masque doesn’t have the most flagrant aroma – and it lasts days, even after washing your hair – but again, the results are impressive. The hair is left with a slick sheen and feels thicker.

Unfortunately I was too late to experience the full package which includes a Swiss Body Gommage treatment, an intense yet gentle, body polishing and exfoliation treatment which banishes dead skin cells. Apparently it’s perfect for rejuvenating dull skin and also stimulates circulation with a full body massage. The website says skin is left smooth and glowing, ready to absorb the rich body hydrator applied directly afterwards.

Based on my experience with the other two treatments I’m inclined to believe these statements. But at 195, is it worth it Well, if you”re the type of person used to spending that amount on looking good then maybe. For the rest of us it has to be a once in a blue moon treat.

Aldo Coppola”s New Year Detox costs 195.