What happened to fat but happy? How our favourite female foodies have shed the pounds

What happened to fat but happy How our favourite foodies are shedding the pounds

Nigella Lawson plays in the surf at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia in a full body burkini Nigella Lawson after her weight loss

IS THIS HOW NIGELLA DID IT Nigella Lawson’s dramatic weight loss may be down to noodles made from an Asian plant called Konjac. The ground root is used to make a tasteless ‘grey goo’ and then processed into noodles which are very high in fibre and virtually calorie free. One serving, says Nigella, contains only ten calories. On her blog at Nigella.com she writes: ‘We are jubilant about the discovery of Miracle Noodles, which appear to be a carb-free pasta.’ But she advises: ‘Rinse them as the water they’re in can be a bit stinky.’
That’s not the only hazard. Konjac is also used to make sweets so high in fibre they are hard to swallow and have caused death by choking.

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