We three s"mores of Orient are… Could these be the worst nativity scenes of all time?

We three s”mores of Orient are… Could these be the worst nativity scenes of all time

Smores nativity

S”mores nativity: Crackers, chocolate and marshmallows or a Bible scene The difference is hard to spot

Meat nativity

Meat nativity: Streaky bacon and sausages lend a breakfast-themed charm to this novel scene

Spam nativity

Spam nativity: A low budget, high protein take on the Christmas theme sees canned pork carved into a stable

Piggy nativity

Piggy nativity: A snug piglet Jesus rests in a manger surrounded by porcine onlookers and well-wishers

Cupcake nativity

Cupcake nativity: Bake, decorate and eat Mary and Joseph yourself with these special cake decorations

Rubber Ducks nativity

Rubber duck nativity: Yellow ducks in full regalia are set to transform any bathtub into a watery Bath-lehem

Bears nativity

Bear nativity: A long way from home, these bears look the part in desert clothes, complete with crook

Shotgun shell nativity

Shotgun shell nativity: Entirely inappropriate, spent bullet casings lend themselves to this happy scene

Snowglobe nativity

Snowglobe nativity: Jesus lies alone and trapped in his watery manger while his warm, dry parents look on

Folk nativity

Folk nativity: Mr Oestreicher says this baby looks like a “small 7-Eleven frozen burrito with a face on it”