We do like to be beside the seaside (as long as our wife says it is ok)

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside (as long as our wives say it is OK)

Half of men have no say in holiday destinations
Third of women insist on carrying all passports
50% of women prefer to take charge of holiday money20% of women say their partners don't talk to foreigners abroad
One in six women overspend in run up to holiday



17:57 GMT, 4 July 2012

Most women like to get their own way, and most sensible men will let them.

Now a new travel survey shows that henpecked husbands are even under the thumb when it comes to organising their own holidays.

When it comes to almost all aspects of holiday planning, from choosing the destination, to shopping for clothes and booking the transport, women are taking the lead.

Life's a beach: When the wife is charge

Life's a beach: When the wife is charge

In fact, the only things men are responsible for are getting the family to the airport, carrying the luggage and driving whilst abroad.

Forty three per cent of women even insist on carrying all the passports when travelling, fearing their other half can’t be trusted to have his own.

Victoria Sanders, managing director of Teletext Holidays which commissioned the research said: 'This research shows that women still have a tight hold of the reins when it comes to organising any holiday and are the ones looking for ideas and inspiration about where to go next and taking the time to look for the best deals.

'But when it comes to responsibility for getting the family to the airport, carrying the luggage once there and driving abroad that still comes down to men most of the time.'

Chilling: Don't forget to pack your sun tan lotion

Chilling: Don't forget to pack your sun tan lotion

The poll also revealed more than half of women prefer to take charge of the holiday money, and perhaps unsurprisingly assume responsibility of most of the pre-holiday shopping, spending 243.08 in the process.

As well as choosing where to visit on holiday, women are more likely to book the flights and will also sort out all transport when arriving at the destination.

Four in ten said they always take
control of making sure things are looked after at home – such as feeding
the cats, making sure bills are paid and having the plants watered.



Choosing the holiday destination

Holiday money

Booking the flights

Packing the bags

Shopping for new holiday clothes

Shopping for toiletries and suntan lotions

Making sure things at home are looked after

Creating an itinerary for the holiday

Booking transport for the holiday

Carrying the passports

Speaking to foreign people


Sorting out transport to the airport

Carrying the holiday luggage

Driving abroad

Navigating abroad

And a further 22 per cent of ladies claim they alone have to converse with people abroad,

Of course, despite having little involvement in the holiday planning, men have plenty to say when they get to the airport.

More than one in ten claim their partner has gone mad when he’s realised how much has been squeezed into the suitcase.

And 14 per cent of ladies have been accused of spending way too much money before even getting to the holiday destination.

Victoria Sanders said: 'It’s important not to stereotype the roles men and women play in the travel booking and planning process, but even in 2012, despite more working women than ever before, it’s clear that with holidays men and women fall into traditional roles.

'Women are still generally the more organised ones when it comes to going away, and invest time researching the ideal holiday destinations, planning what to do when they get there and making sure everything is planned in the finest detail.'