Want to date a gentleman Head to West Hollywood: The top ten U.S. cities to find 'sensitive' men

Every woman dreams of being swept off her feet by a man who showers her with attention, brings her flowers and surprises her with romantic weekends away.

But according to one website, Mr Sensitive is not so hard to find; in fact there are plenty of chivalrous Romeo-types around the U.S. – as long as you know where to look.

Using data collected from studies on American men, dating website Chemistry.com claims to have pinpointed the top ten cities in the country with the highest population of such gallants.

Want to date a gentleman Head to West Hollywood: The top ten U.S. cities to find 'sensitive' men

Location, location: A dating site found that the most sensitive men in the U.S. are in Pompano Beach, Florida,
Roanoke, Virginia and West Hollywood, California

The top spot went to Pompano Beach, Florida, a popular vacation destination with its warm climate and breezy Atlantic shores.

It was swiftly followed by Roanoke in Virginia, a state with the rather appropriate motto, 'Virginia is for lovers'.

The glamorous West Hollywood, California, took third place, trumping Nashville, Tennessee, Buffalo, New York and Greenville, South Carolina, which also made the list.

University anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, who advised the site on the research, explained: 'Men do have a sensitive side. They
want to please. But different men do it differently.'

Pompano Beach, FloridaRoanoke, VirginiaWest Hollywood, CaliforniaNashville, TennesseeBuffalo, New YorkSarasota, Florida
Greenville, South CarolinaWilmington, North CarolinaIndianapolis, IndianaStaten Island, New York

She identified sensitive men as 'builders', describing them as 'traditional'.

'They deeply value
loyalty, duty, respectability and proper moral conduct,' she revealed. 'They want to do
the “right” thing. So builders go way out of their way to keep their
social relationships running smoothly.

'So they watch, listen, and gauge
what they need to do to help others and they do it naturally.

these chivalrous qualities that make a sensitive man.'

list was rounded out by Wilmington, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Staten Island, New York.

Staten Island native, Dennis Carregal, told local website Silive.com why
he thinks his hometown featured in the study, opining: 'I think Staten
Island men are sensitive because our mothers raised us

'We were brought up to be
respectful, even if sometimes we come off as if we are rough around the