Victoria Beckham, 37, makes it onto list of style icons for women over 50

At just 37 years old, Victoria Beckham makes it onto list of style icons for women over 50Dame Helen Mirren topped the list, Twiggy comes secondCarole Middleton makes a surprise entry

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham”s elegant style has endeared her to the over-50s

She is the pop-star-turned-designer who went from teeny bopping Spice Girl to running a world class fashion label.

And today Victoria Beckham was handed yet another accolade as it was revealed she had been named as one of the country”s top style icons by women over the age of 50 – despite being just 37 years old herself.

The glamorous mother-of-four made a surprise appearance just outside the top five in a poll of 1,000 women.

As the youngest to feature in the top 20, the results show the former Spice Girl now appeals to women with more refined tastes.

Unsurprisingly, Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren came top of the pile.

A spokeswoman for clothing brand CC, who carried out the poll, said: “Victoria Beckham has proven she carries universal appeal and her image over the past few years has altered from high glamour to a more classic look which appeals to women of all ages.

“The results show women in their fifties aren”t afraid to embrace younger styles when they”re done the right way.

“And Dame Helen Mirren has as much style, grace and elegance off screen as she does on it and is a fitting icon for the women of her generation.

“All too often we are bombarded with images of youth and temporary trends, so it”s great to see such a varied list filled with women of real class.

Runner up was world-renowned model and face of the swinging sixties, Twiggy. Following a glamorous career, her unique appeal to the over fifties was dubbed the “Twiggy effect”.

Joanna Lumley, who famously starred in Absolutely Fabulous, was third. Sixties pop sensation Lulu was fourth while the first lady of British cinema, Dame Judi Dench, was fifth.

Carole Middleton followed in the illustrious footsteps of daughter Kate – frequently named best dressed on global lists – in finding her way into ninth place.

Ms Middleton won approval for her slender figure and immaculate dress sense, and won over the nation at the royal wedding with a perfectly pitched pale blue dress and coat.

It seems having such icons has given older women confidence in their appearance – as the study found 85 per cent believe they have “their own style”.

A whopping nine out of ten women said they took pride in their appearance most of the time and, more than half said they never worry about dressing inappropriately for their age.

In fact, nine out of ten women said they dress for themselves, with the majority admitting they have enjoyed shopping more the older they have got. And a refreshing 85 per cent felt they could still wear trendy clothes despite being over 50.

A CC spokeswoman added: “These results show that age really isn”t a barrier to style or confidence. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

“It”s inspiring to see that many women over fifty are comfortable in their self, confident in their style and brave enough to explore new clothing options.”

Australian songstress Kylie Minogue hit the high notes at number 12, while showbiz judge Amanda Holden took 14th place.

Samantha Cameron was voted into 15th spot.

“Graceful, elegant” Dame Helen Mirren topped the list of style icons for the over-50s

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley was named third in the list

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley was named third in the list

Carole Middleton won over the nation with her perfectly pitched mother of the bride wedding outfit

Carole Middleton wowed the nation with her perfectly pitched royal wedding outfit


1. Helen Mirren 11. Jane Seymour2. Twiggy 12. Kylie Minogue3. Joanna Lumley13. Susan Sarandon4. Lulu
14. Amanda Holden5. Judi Dench15. Samantha Cameron6. Victoria Beckham16. Demi Moore7. Elle Macpherson17. Tess Daly8. Carol Vorderman18. Elizabeth Hurley9. Carole Middleton19. Sarah Ferguson10. Nigella Lawson20. Kate Moss