Ultimo boss Michelle Mone admits to drinking a bottle of wine a night to cope with pain over recent heartbreak



15:05 GMT, 21 August 2012

She is blonde, beautiful and glamorous, with a multimillion pound business and a handsome new man on her arm.

But not long ago Michelle Mone was drowning her sorrows in a bottle of wine each night as her 19 year marriage crumbled.

The Ultimo boss had discovered that her husband and business partner Michael had been seeing one of their long-term employees and friend, and while business was booming Michelle was trying to numb the pain of her personal life with solitary booze binges.

Michelle Mone has admitted to hitting the bottle once her 19 year marriage ended

Michelle Mone has admitted to hitting the bottle once her 19 year marriage ended

Talking to New magazine 40-year old Michelle said: 'I don't like unhealthy foods now, so I didn't turn to junk foods.

'What I did do was open a bottle of wine a night. I was getting to be every single night.

'I would open a bottle of wine and then it would be gone.'

The business tycoon added: 'It wasn't a problem, but it was getting to be a bad habit.

'Funnily enough the heartbreak diet meant that I wasn't putting any weight on, but once I told my trainer how much I was drinking he made me realise how unhealthy it was.

Michelle's trainer Matt Roberts, who also trains David Cameron and Naomi Campbell, made her ditch the nightly booze sessions.

Michelle said: 'Now I'm only allowed a couple of glasses a week.

The first few nights I was like: “Oh My God I can't do this!” but after a while you get used to it.'

Michelle and Michael Mone at a red carpet event in London last year

Michelle with new man Karl French

Michelle on the red carpet with husband Michael last year (left) and with new man Karl French (right)

Since splitting with Michael Michelle has found love with Dubai-based business man Karl French, while Michael continues to to see the 31-year old bra designer that caused Michelle such upset.

But Michelle insists that she isn't bitter and the Mones still live together with three children at their mansion in South Lanarkshire and continue to run the Ultimo empire from their flagship offices in Glasgow.

Talking exclusively to the MailOnline Michelle says:

'I have had my moments but I am not angry anymore. I am looking forward and focusing on my kids and my business.

'I know that there are lots of people that have been through worse than me, and that helped me to pick myself up and focus on what I do have.

'A big part of my life is making speeches to women and industry and now I can say I have been there and I can tell women honestly that it is possible to come out the other side. That when you are in that hole and you feel that nothing will ever change you have to get out of it. You have to pick yourself up and get on with it because otherwise you it is no good to anyone.

'My family, my children and Karl have been incredible in supporting me and getting me through this.

'Today I feel fitter, healthier and more focused that I ever have and I am getting my life back on track.'

Luisana Lopilato, one of Ultimo's most successful signings, models a range from their Valentine's Day collection

Luisana Lopilato, one of Ultimo's most successful signings, models a range from their Valentine's Day collection

Supermodel Helena Christensen poses for Ultimo in 2006

Amy Childs is the face and body of Bra Queen, Tesco's lingerie brand designed by Michelle Mone

Helena Christensen and Amy Childs are two previous celebrity signings for the Ultimo brand

Ultimo is famous for its celebrity
signings which have included Helena Christensen, Rachel Hunter, Sarah
Harding, Amy Childs and Tamara Ecclestone.

lingerie firm's latest signing Luisana Lopilato has sent sales soaring
by 37 per cent in the two years since she became the latest face and
body of the brand,

there are rumours that Michelle is keen to maximise the 'Lopilato
effect' and sign Mrs Michael Buble for another two years as soon as her
contract is up.

Speaking at the beginning of this year Michelle said: 'Michael
Buble’s wife Luisana is one of our biggest international stars, and the
response we have had has been phenomenal. It took me a long time to get
her but I refused to give up.'