TV presenter LOUISE ROE took 52 flights in the space of five months for her new show – so how on earth did she stay camera-ready?

TV presenter LOUISE ROE took 52 flights in the space of five months for her new show – so how on earth did she stay camera-ready

When the host of MTV's Plain Jane, 30, told us of her gruelling travel schedule, we had to know her secrets to looking so fresh-faced on screen. Here, the British-born, LA-based star shares her inspired in-flight tips, her super smoothie breakfast recipe and getting that all-important beauty sleep…


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Louise Roe

Camera-ready: Louise Roe, pictured at the Oscars in February, reveals inspired beauty tips for surviving her gruelling travel schedule

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Bodyism Brilliance Powder

Eating healthy: Louise snacks on Bounce energy balls (left) and adds avocado to boost the chicken salads she buys in airports (centre). She starts the day with a shake containing Bodyism Brilliance Powder (right)

food can taste like plastic, and because it's all pre-packaged the
nutrient-content is pretty rubbish too.

Honestly Healthy, Eat with your body in mind, the Alkaline way, by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson

Alkaine diet: Louise loves Honestly Healthy food guide because it's not didactic and bossy

If I can, I'll take a tupperware
box full of dark green veg and an avocado, to pad out whatever chicken
or salad I find for lunch at the airport.

There are two books I try to live by as much as possible when it comes to cooking: Honestly
Healthy, Eat with your body in mind, the Alkaline way, by Natasha
Corrett and Vicki Edgson; and Bodyism Clean and Lean Diet, by James

Alkaline foods –
explained in the first book – have unbelievable health benefits and help
stave off nasties while I'm in work-mode. Both books are fascinating
and also full of options, not didactic and bossy: which is great,
because I could never give up my lattes and G&Ts!

also take my PG Tips on the road, and a box of Truvia sweetener (much
less harmful than some of the ones containing aspartame).

take the attitude that I'll try to be healthy all day and then enjoy
the local fare in the evening. Tucking in to lamb tagine in Morocco,
fresh king crab in Norway and tapas in Spain, made the long working days
worthwhile, it's part of the experience.


For some reason, I freeze on airplanes,
always! So I stay cosy with a massive hoodie from Wildfox and a cashmere
beanie made by my friend Madeleine Thompson.

I keep the noise out with
earplugs, and get some zzz with a velvet eye mask filled with lavender,
and a travel pillow.

Wildfox hoodie

Travelling in style: Louise wrapped up in a bright Theodora & Callum scarf before getting on a flight recently

Travelling in style: Louise keeps warm on planes in a Wildfox hoodie (left). Recently she wrapped up in a Theodora & Callum scarf before getting on a flight (right)

I take a small tin of solid perfume (Cherry Blossom
from L'Occitane) and a tube of Hydraluron moisturising serum on board
with me to keep reapplying every couple of hours.

The latter product is
incredible, it holds up to 50 times it's own weight in water just under
the surface of the skin, giving you a gleaming, healthy look.

Try drinking coconut water after a flight – It's more hydrating than water and full of electrolytes

I drink a good two-to-three litres of water a
day, but flying that much is still very very dehydrating. Coconut water
does the trick. It's more hydrating than water and full of electrolytes,
so a glass of that makes a massive difference.

Flights are a nightmare for making
calves and feet swell up, but a hot Epsom salts bath and a few yoga
stretches in the hotel afterwards is the quickest cure I've found.


I get as much done before flying as
possible. A spray tan with St Tropez, nails with Jessica GELeration
(this varnish doesn't chip for 3 weeks, it's amazing), and eyelash
extensions from The Lash Bar in London. They glue individual lashes on
to make yours look fuller and longer, and they last about a month. That's kind of my beauty MOT, and saves me so much time once I'm on set

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Philosophy's Vitamin C booster

Beauty boosters: Philosophy Hope In A Jar moisturiser (left) is a versatile washbag essential, and the same brand's Vitamin C powder (right) can be mixed in to add an extra boost

Wearing a full face of make-up every day
for filming means my skin dries out really fast, so I use Philosophy
Hope in a Jar (it's a light plastic pot that works for day and night,
perfect for travel) and mix in 2 spoonfuls of Philosophy's Vitamin C
booster powder, which gives my cheeks a little extra glow.

Kate Somerville's Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads

Not so scary: Kate Somerville's Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads

My make-up artist
Rachel Wood recently taught me how to properly massage your face when
applying cream, it's the best advice ever! It takes one minute (there are tutorials on YouTube) and completely revitalises the skin, takes away
swelling and reduces under-eye bags and circles. Genius.

On the rest of my body I use an old
faithful product: Jergens Cocoa Butter. Rich, delicious-smelling and
cheap as chips, it works.

Every few days I do a peel, which sounds
a lot scarier than it is. I only recently found out that if you don't
scrub off all the dead skin on your face, moisturisers just sit on top
of it, not sinking in at all. Kate Somerville's Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing
Peel Pads promote cellular turnover and brighten up your

Hair and face masks I also put on every
days or so, and a good marker is to watch how quickly they dry out. If
they sink in and flake immediately, your body was very much needing it.
Rodial's 5 Minute Facial gommage clay mask and Meta Morphosis Hair
Repair by Serge Normant are the two I recommend.


Certain home comforts help make a bland hotel room seem a bit more welcoming, especially scent. Cowshed's Moody Cow travel candle is super relaxing and supposed to be centring for your nerves, too. It contains Linden Blossom which apparently relieves tension.

Roll a lacrosse or hockey ball under your feet or back for a brilliant DIY massage

There aren't always fluffy white robes in the room depending where we stay, so I love getting up and putting on a feminine silk kimono, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new M&S range has a cute pink and grey one which is top of my shopping list for my next trip to the UK.

I also take a lacrosse or hockey ball to roll under my feet or under my back- its a brilliant massage technique recommended by a personal trainer in New York.

Lavender eye mask, Holistic Silk

Shut-eye: A velvet lavender-filled eye mask, like this one from Holistic Silk, helps Louise sleep on planes


I recently went to the Four Seasons in
Lana'I, Hawaii, where I met a very special lady, Katie, who blends
bespoke perfumes for guests. I told her I was a restless sleeper (I've
never slept through the night in my entire life, not once) and she
blended me an essential oil mix of lavender, geranium and jojoba to help
me stay asleep.

I dab a couple of drops on my hands, earlobes and back
of my neck and breathe in deeply… So far so good, it actually works!
You can have your own made by the same company here.

Louise Roe will be hosting MTV's coverage of the Video Music Awards on September 6. The new series of Plain Jane will air in early November.