Tulisa "sex tape": A modern-day morality tale of sex, lies and videotape

A modern-day morality tale of sex, lies and videotape



09:32 GMT, 23 March 2012

Tulisa Contostavlos has finally had to admit that yes, the girl in the sex tape is her. A few years ago, the N-Dubz star and X Factor judge allowed herself to be filmed performing a sex act with her then boyfriend, Justin Edwards, aka MC Justin ‘Ultra’ Edwards.

When the seven-minute tape inevitably surfaced on the internet this week, her lawyers were initially bullish. Tulisa’s representatives had always vehemently denied the star had anything to do with the footage. They insisted it was bogus, made by unknown malignant forces determined to make a quick buck out of Tulisa’s fame. How very dare they! Everyone was outraged on her behalf.

A spokesman even said: ‘This tape is 100 per cent fake and is just someone trying to cash in on her X Factor role. She is horrified that someone would go to the extreme lengths of fabricating a video. It is absolutely not her. Tulisa has categorically never allowed anyone to film her having sex.’

Tulisa and Ultra during happier times at the Mobo Awards after-party in Glasgow, Scotland in October 2009

Tulisa and Ultra during happier times at the Mobo Awards after-party in Glasgow, Scotland in October 2009

Except this guy.

For it transpired that the denials were all rubbish. It was, indeed, Tulisa in the tape, as she damn well knew all along. The only twist is that now her former boyfriend Ultra says that while it might be her, it’s not him who is featured in the clip. Which isn’t exactly Ultra bright of him.

Who dunnit to whom and where It is like a porn version of Not A Cluedo, with Miss Silly doing it to Mr Macho in the bedroom with the lead piping and the smart phone. Really, what a pair of star-crossed twits. What were they thinking, before and after their great Hollywood production

Events this week have forced the 23-year-old Tulisa to make another video, this time a very personal mea culpa in which she confesses to taking part, but entirely blames her former boyfriend for the horrendous exposure that followed.

First things first. If, indeed, he leaked the tape in the hope of making some cash or to embarrass Tulisa, then his actions are despicable. If Edwards is behind the leak, he is a total reptile, a kiss-and-tell creep, a monster who abused and betrayed the intimate affections of a young and trusting girlfriend who once loved him. Yet in the cold light of this truthful dawn, there is also something about Tulisa’s fake piety and her new, poor-little-me act that is very hard to bear.

Tulisa Contostavlos has finally had to admit that yes, the girl in the sex tape is her

Tulisa Contostavlos has finally had to admit that yes, the girl in the sex tape is her

In fact, if anything, it is the second tape in which she features that is perhaps the more embarrassing of the two. On the blush-o-meter of life, at the moment beet-faced Tulisa is right up there at Nuclear Scarlet, shading into Mortifying Maroon.

And no wonder.

When are young women like Contostavlos going to come to their senses and start making some smart decisions about their lives Either steer clear of useless, gangsta-type boyfriends with a macho agenda of their own — or just say ‘No’ to being filmed in the bedroom.

It is simple.

For every woman who feels emancipated and exultant about being filmed in such situations, there must be dozens more like Tulisa who bitterly regret ever taking part.

New technology and smart phones open up all sorts of opportunities for the sexual exhibitionist — but just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.

'When you share an intimate moment with someone you love, you never expect this': The singer alleges that the other party in the video is ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards

A few years ago, the N-Dubz star and X Factor judge allowed herself to be filmed performing a sex act with her then boyfriend, Justin Edwards, aka MC Justin 'Ultra' Edwards

Yes, it might please the ego of the man in your life, but it is a moment of passion that could come back to haunt you for ever. To hang around your reputation like a smog of smut for the rest of your life. In Tulisa’s case, it seems nothing more than a straightforward case of sexual trophyism.

Was Edwards always going to show it around, boast to his mates, whether she was famous or not That is certainly how it looks.

So I really hope that girls in small towns, big cities and everywhere else all over the UK take note of this ghastly situation and the embarrassing repercussions Tulisa has to face.

Not that she has any thoughts for them. Her feelings appear to be all for herself and her current plight. She’s not interested in setting an example — perhaps it’s too late for that anyway.

And while she says that she is shattered, gutted and heartbroken, some have seen her admission and her attempt to take control of the situation as a great moment for feminism.

I can’t see it myself.

Tulisa did it, then she lied about doing it, now she is portraying herself as an innocent victim. She takes no responsibility for her own actions, primarily for agreeing to the filming taking place in the first place.

‘I trusted him,’ she says, in an attempt to elicit sympathy and limit the damage. She also finds it in herself to issue a little lecture.

‘When you judge someone, it doesn’t define the person who you’re judging, it defines you,’ says The X Factor judge. Poor little muffin. But she’s only got herself to blame.



Stella has left us feeling blue

Stella: Not going to win medals for this design

Stella: Not going to win medals for this design

Stella McCartney’s new Olympic Kit for Team GB was unveiled yesterday.
Naturally, it is hideous. Unbelievably, it is also contentious.

Only Stella could turn a simple task of designing a range of vests, shorts and tracky bottoms into a national crisis. She’s in fashion, people! Whaddya expect

The main problem seems to be her interpretation of the Union Flag, as emblazoned across the kits — all hazy blues and whites.

Not everyone could take a globally recognised symbol of Great Britain and turn it into a murky and meaningless abstract that says nothing.

Not everyone could ensure that our athletes will be indistinguishable and hard to spot in the competing crowds. Not everyone is Stella McCartney.

‘For me it is one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way,’ she said.

What a load of rubbish! Modernise it It takes a prize fashion dope to want to reinterpret a flag in the first place; to fail to understand the emotional resonance that burns in every stripe, in every inch, in every corner of its glory.

The sight of a Union Flag fluttering in the breeze, or on the chest of someone breasting the tape in first place means something to people. It means a lot. The tragedy is that it means nothing to Stella, except as some random pattern to be presented in a ‘contemporary’ way. In some kits, the flag even seems to be upside-down.

Would any other nation stand for this Why did it even have to be Stella McCartney in the first place Surely there are more talented and deserving designers out there

What a tragic poverty of imagination choosing Stella. The only sporting thing she has ever done is to turn up to yesterday’s ceremony in fancy dress.

J’adore her giant Paisley-pattern onesie! You can’t say she doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Where did I put the darn keys

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A home insurance study of 3,000 people finds that we spend ten minutes
every day — this is my scientific interpretation of the process —
Looking For Stuff We’ve Lost.

How true, though the survey didn’t mention that it gets worse as you get
older. And more frustrating. Not to mention incredibly annoying if
someone else is doing the desperate scramble along the shelves while you
are trying to read a book or watch the news.

In the eternal rummage down the back of the sofa for keys and phones, it
appears that wives blame husbands, while husbands blame wives.
I suspect that both are right in this major cause of domestic friction.
For it is not the infidelity that gets marriages in the end — it is the
exhausting search for the apple corer and the shoe brush.

It is the fact that your beloved can’t remember where he’s parked the
car and, anyway, he’s lost the car keys again. Idiot! You’d help him
search, if only you could find your specs.

According to the survey, the most lost items are mobile phones, closely
followed by house keys, car keys, paperwork and spectacles.

Look. Instead of collecting data on matters that can only result in an
increase on our premiums — you might not be able to see your bifocals,
but burglars can — why don’t esure (the firm that commissioned the
survey) design a Magnet Vest

Lost items could come whizzing across the room, once the force field is
unleashed, to clunk neatly to your chest. Think of all the man hours


Commenting on the Budget in the Commons yesterday, Ed Balls said that many had likened the Chancellor to the Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘But as for jobs and growth,’ he continued, ‘he couldn’t give a Friar Tuck, Mr Deputy Speaker.’

Pathetic. Unworthy of the silliest boy in the fourth form of St Silly’s. George Osborne was right to look appalled.

It’s Posh nosh!

I love-love-loved Victoria Beckham’s efforts for her sons’ International Food Day at their Los Angeles school this week.

‘Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!!’ she tweeted, adding a
photograph of the goodies she had, ahem, sweated over as part of a
school project by Romeo, nine, and six-year-old Cruz.

Domestic goddess: Victoria Beckham got busy in the kitchen preparing food for her sons Romeo and Cruz's International Food Day at school

Domestic goddess: Victoria Beckham got busy in the kitchen preparing food for her sons Romeo and Cruz's International Food Day at school

There were cheese and pineapple on sticks, sausage rolls and what looked suspiciously like shop-bought pork pies.

To be fair, someone had cut the latter into quarters. It all takes time. Still, I liked her menu.

Very witty, Posh.

And if any Californian mommy let her children within a mile of this feast of Ginsters finest, I’d be amazed.


Young children looked after by middle-class grandparents develop better vocabulary than those in nurseries, a study has revealed. Tell us something we don’t know.

The children are ‘significantly ahead’ by the age of three, due to the amount of one-on-one time they spend with a loving adult, as opposed to being dumped in a nursery with porridge on their face all morning.

That’s the socio-emotional developmental ideal. It’s just not an attainable reality for so many families, though. Especially now that no grandparent can afford to retire.


Elizabeth Hurley is in New York this week with her latest fianc and his teenage daughter. Liz, Shane Warne and Brooke Warne looked happy as they shopped and lunched in the big city.

Stepmother-to-be and teenager looked to be getting along splendidly, even carrying matching accessories.

Uh oh! Take another look at those bags. Do my eyes deceive me or are Liz and Brooke each toting a 5,000 Hermes Birkin handbag

A Birkin at 13 That’s really teaching a little girl about the price of everything and the value of nothing.