Treatment of the week: Make a fresh start to the year with a body purifying MOT

Scrubbed up: The treatment starts with an exfoliation (posed by model)

Scrubbed up: The treatment starts with an exfoliation (posed by model)

After a festive season of late nights and over-indulgence, my body is crying out for a break, so in hope of some restoration, I head to Budock Vean, a family-run, four-star hotel on the banks of the Helford River, near Falmouth in Cornwall.

Set in 65 acres of parkland, the charming hotel may be a little bit old school, but the spa feels stylish and modern, with panoramic views of the lovely gardens.

I opt for the Body purifying MOT, using Spiezia Organics products from a local farm.

The treatment starts with an
exfoliation. While I lay on a heated bed, the therapist slathers my
entire body in a zesty lemongrass and marigold scrub, which tingles
slightly on application.

she uses a soft-bristled brush to sweep downward strokes from my
shoulders to my feet — the sensation is far less painful than I expected
and I immediately feel warmer, as if my circulation’s been

After a quick shower to remove the excess scrub, I flop back down on the bed to be drizzled with a sesame and jojoba firming oil for a soothing massage.

The tea tree and mint in the oil make it smell slightly medicinal, but in a good way. It feels as if it’s curing my tired body.

The hour-long rub seems to pass in minutes, partly because I am drifting in and out of sleep, especially during the blissful head massage at the end of the treatment session.

I leave with my skin feeling exceptionally soft and smooth, and my body as refreshed as if I’d had a week at a spa — if only!

Body Purifying MOT, 78 for 85 minutes,