Top Cat film review: This mangy feline should be put down

This mangy feline should be put down for one of the worst-ever television spin-offs



00:04 GMT, 1 June 2012

Top Cat: The Movie 3D (U)
Verdict: No, it's a dog
You may remember that Top Cat, voiced by the great comedian Phil Silvers, used to live in a dustbin. That’s where this film belongs.

Abysmally scripted, crudely drawn and cheaply made, with astonishing inattention to detail, Top Cat: The Movie is one of the worst-ever spin-offs of a TV  series.

Made in Mexico — seemingly by people with little knowledge of the English language, comedy or animation, —it’s a strong candidate for worst family movie of the year. It’s cynical, charmless and 90 minutes too long, which happens to be its entire running time.

The film is a spin-off from the successful television series

The film is a spin-off from the successful television series

Redubbed from the original Mexican version with little regard for synch by a team of justifiably unknown actors, the story concerns a gang of New York alley cats who go to the rescue of perennially incompetent policeman Officer Dibble when his ambitions of becoming New York’s Chief of Police — I promise I’m not making this up — are nipped in the bud by arguably the most annoying, least funny villain in cartoon history, Lou Strickland.

Lou is meant to be funny because, though ugly, he keeps yelling that he’s extremely handsome.

This ‘joke’ is repeated so often and with so little variation that it turns an already unbearable cartoon into something that deserves to grace one of the inner circles of movie hell.

3D adds nothing except expense, discomfort and glaringly false perspective. Grown-ups who fondly remember Top Cat from its 30 TV episodes in 1961 to 1962 may view this through rose-tinted spectacles. For anyone else, a blindfold would be preferable.