Top 100 UK baby names: Harry beats Oliver but Olivia is still top of girl"s chart

Harry overtakes Oliver in baby name charts after just one year at the top… But Olivia is still top girl”s name Jack now down to third place after 16 years at the topLily is strongest contender to Olivia after climbing one place to secondBiggest climbers for boys Tommy, Jackson and RileyBiggest climbers for girls Eliza, Willow and Sophia

Harry has overtaken Oliver as the most popular boys’ name in Britain, it emerged today.

Oliver lost the top spot just a year after it took the crown from Jack, which had held first place for 16 years.

In the girls list, Olivia kept top spot despite strong competition from Lily which climbed one place to second. Sophie slipped from second to third place.

Danielle Lloyd and fianc Jamie called their second little boy, right, Harry. Their first son, now two, is named Archie

Danielle Lloyd and fianc Jamie called their second little boy, right, Harry. Their first son, now two, is named Archie – number 19 on the list

Tommy was the biggest climber among the boy’s names, springing from 131st place last year to 66th this time round, an improvement of 65 places.

Jackson also made huge leaps, rising from 128th in 2010 to 75th.

Among the higher rankings, Riley is now becoming massively popular, climbing 16 spots from 25th to ninth place.

Jenson, perhaps inspired by the success of British F1 ace Jenson Button, rose 30 places from 99th to 69th.

The list was compiled from a national survey of 434,756 babies born to members of the Bounty Parenting Club in 2011.

Anofficial Office for National Statistics list of names released in 2009 revealed that Mohammed, encompassing all its different spellings, was the most popular boy’s name.

But it does not appear on the Bounty list because of the site’s social demographic.

Yesterday, Lisa Penney, spokeswoman for said: “Our records show that parents are continuing to be influenced by popular culture and celebrity fads.

“Today’s baby name trends are changing more quickly and names that seem relatively unusual and quirky can quickly become mainstream and common in the classroom.

“For example, ten years ago the name Ruby was relatively unheard of as a baby girl’s name, yet these days Ruby is regularly ranked in the top 10.

“Likewise for boys, a decade ago the name Riley would have rarely been considered, yet this year it’s also leapt into the top 10 most popular boys’ names.

Abbey Clancy and husband Peter Crouch are not the only ones to call their baby Sophia - the name climbed 14 spots to 14th place this year

Abbey Clancy and husband Peter Crouch are not the only ones to call their baby Sophia – the name climbed 14 spots to 14th place this year

“Common baby naming tips often warn against calling your baby something too trendy, unpronounceable or difficult to spell.

“But, in general whatever name you give your child they always grow up to make it their own.”

Among the girls, Eliza is the biggest climber leaping from 141st to 84th.

Willow also enjoyed a good year climbing 31 places from 108 to 77.

Sofia rose from 78th to 53rd, while Julia, which has only been in the top 100 for five years, leapt 22 spots to 63rd.

Bella and Esme, characters played by Kristen James Stewart and Elizabeth Reaser respectively in teen Vampire films Twilight, have both risen well this year.

Bella soared 27 places from 98 to 71 while Esme climbed 10 places from 82 to 72. Kayla rose from 94th to 69th.

Amid the higher ranks Sophia, the name of Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s daughter, climbed 14 spots to 14th place while Layla enjoyed similar success rising to 29th.

Katie, Amy and Lauren are falling dramatically in the girls list while Cameron, Conor, Reece and Bailey are on the wane in the boys list.

Surprisingly, Harriet has crept back into the top 100 girls’ names moving up from 110th spot to 97th, while Elise is also a newcomer to the top 100, as is Emilia.

Girls names to drop out of the top 100 are Tia which fell 26 places to 101st, Scarlett fell 29 places to 103rd while Aimee dropped 27 places to 107th.

New entries among the boys included Jackson at 75th place, Dexter at 79th and Rory at 85th.

In and around the top ten Daniel fell from ninth to 15th and Jacob, perhaps as a nod to Twilight’s Jacob Black, crept in at number six from No 11 last year.

Boys’ names to disappear from the top 100 include Christopher, Ellis, Robert and Brandon.


1 Olivia

2 Lily

3 Sophie

4 Amelia


6 Jessica

7 Grace

8 Ava

9 Ruby

10 Mia

11 Chloe

12 Evie

13 Isabella

14 Sophia

15 Poppy

16 Isla

17 Ella

18 Lucy

19 Freya

20 Daisy

21 Maisie

22 Lilly

23 Isabelle

24 Charlotte

25 Ellie

26 Summer

27 Megan

28 Holly

29 Layla

30 Eva

31 Erin

32 Millie

33 Lola

34 Phoebe

35 Lexi

36 Lacey

37 Imogen

38 Scarlett

39 Sienna

40 Emma

41 Molly

42 Hannah

43 Alice

44 Amy

45 Brooke

46 Katie

47 Abigail

48 Leah

49 Jasmine

50 Gracie

51 Amber

52 Rosie

53 Sofia

54 Matilda

55 Florence

56 Elizabeth

57 Faith

58 Amelie

59 Georgia

60 Anna

61 Maya

62 Madison

63 Julia

64 Rebecca

65 Bethany

66 Paige

67 Maddison

68 Niamh

69 Kayla

70 Isabel

71 Bella

72 Esme

73 Isobel

74 Lexie

75 Lauren

76 Caitlin

77 Willow

78 Zoe

79 Skye

80 Rose

81 Zara

82 Keira

83 Eleanor

84 Eliza

85 Emilia

86 Martha

87 Hollie

88 Evelyn

89 Heidi

90 Tilly

91 Darcy

92 Eve

93 Nicole

94 Elsie

95 Sarah

96 Libby

97 Harriet

98 Abbie

99 Maisy

100 Mya


1 Harry

2 Jack

3 Oliver

4 Charlie

5 Alfie

6 Jacob

7 Thomas

8 James

9 Riley

10 Ethan

11 Joshua

12 William

13 George

14 Max

15 Daniel

16 Noah

17 Oscar

18 Logan

19 Archie

20 Dylan

21 Lucas

22 Jake

23 Samuel

24 Joseph

25 Tyler

26 Jayden

27 Leo

28 Lewis

29 Ryan

30 Mason


32 Henry

33 Alexander

34 Adam

35 Harrison

36 Freddie

37 Benjamin

38 Callum

39 Liam

40 Luke

41 Isaac

42 Matthew

43 Jamie

44 Connor

45 Alex

46 Theo

47 Nathan

48 Kai

49 Edward

50 Toby

51 Harvey

52 Harley

53 Aiden

54 Ben

55 Finlay

56 Michael

57 Aaron

58 Ollie

59 Cameron

60 Sam

61 David

62 Zachary

63 Leon

64 Owen

65 Sebastian

66 Tommy

67 Rhys

68 Bobby

69 Jenson

70 Kyle

71 Louis

72 Kayden

73 Luca

74 Evan

75 Jackson

76 Blake

77 Kian

78 Caleb

79 Dexter

80 Louie

81 Jude

82 Zac

83 Taylor

84 Reece

85 Rory

86 Ashton

87 Hayden

88 Frankie

89 Arthur

90 Bailey

91 Gabriel

92 Stanley

93 Cody

94 Elliot

95 Jay

96 Billy

97 John

98 Aidan

99 Corey

100 Joel

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