These shoes are made for walking: 22 stone man sheds half his body weight after clocking up 50 miles a week on foot

It was on a family ski trip that 22 stone Peter Fraser realised his weight was a problem.

While his relatives were full of energy, he felt breathless and resorted to leaving the slopes early.

In a desperate bid to shed the pounds he decided to take up walking. Now 18 months on, the dairy worker is barely recognisable, sporting a slimmer 12 stone frame.

Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser

Transformation: Peter Fraser used to weigh 22 stone (left), but after taking up walking he managed to lose almost half his body weight (right) in 18 months

With encouragement from his GP father Mr Fraser, 38, from Livingston in West Lothian, Scotland started out with a pedometer.

At first he was averaging around six miles a day, but now he manages just over seven totting up about 50 miles a week.

He said: 'At work, I used to be tired after just one shift and wouldn’t do anything afterward.

'Now it’s all just walking – I go all around Livingston as part of my maintenance.'

As well as taking up exercise Mr Fraser joined Weight Watchers and cut back on portion sizes.

He gradually lost more than 10 stone and his body mass index dropped below 25, which is considered within a safe range.

Before losing the weight he suffered high blood pressure and breathlessness.

Out and about: Peter after shedding almost half his body weight, pictured on one of his walks

Out and about: Peter after shedding almost half his body weight, pictured on one of his walks

Mr Fraser added: 'My dad is a GP and used to get on at
me all the time.

'In some ways that stopped me doing it initially, like
anyone with a vice they have to do things in their own time when they're
ready, you can't be told to do anything.'

But a ski holiday for his father's 60th in July 2009 he became aware of the impact his weight was having on his health.

'I could only manage half days when
everyone else was doing full ones… I knew I didn't want to collapse from a heart attack at

He is now spearheading the Wiseman Dairies Welly Walk on this weekend in Glasgow.

The 5k walk to help raise money for a local hospice.