The rise of the 'mankle'! The man ankle has gone mainstream… and it's all Jude Law's fault



22:35 GMT, 3 August 2012

It used to be known as wearing your trousers at half mast, but now it seems to be the latest trend taking the men's fashion world by storm.

From Olly Murs to Jude Law, the cropped trouser look which exposes the ankle has become one of the fastest selling items of men’s clothing this year.

The style enables men to show off their ankles and in some cases a glimpse of manly calf as a sign of masculinity and sportiness.

Actor Jude Law

Marcus Collins

Jude Law and Marcus Collins are just two male celebrities to embrace the mankle look

The trend is now so common that it has been embraced by a string of celebrity ambassadors including Tom Ford, Zac Efron, Nick Grimshaw, Marvin Hulme from JLS and Ryan Gosling.

So great is the trend for exposing men’s ankles that industry experts are now calling them ‘Mankles’.

Debenhams Director of menswear buying, Paul Baldwin said: 'The tailors of Saville Row must be having a fit.

'For years, they have taken great pride in measuring men’s trousers so that the hem skilfully kisses the front of the shoe, and hangs gracefully down the back.

Debenhams have seen a 20% rise in cropped trousers, like these by Jasper Conrad, in six months alone

Debenhams have seen a 20% rise in cropped trousers, like these by Jasper Conrad, in six months alone

'But now, ankle swingers are the name of the game. There are now so many manly ankles and calves on our High Streets that Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters would have a fit.'

High-street retailer Debenhams has seen a 20% increase in sales across their shorter length trousers in the last six months alone, with taller gents picking up smaller slacks all in the name of fashion.

Socks are suffering as the mankle increases in popularity; sales are down by 4% for the retailer.

However, their short loafer socks are flying off the shelves, 4000 pairs have sold in recent weeks.

Debenhams ‘roll-up’ chinos are soaring by 108% and the retailer’s personal shoppers have also been inundated with men asking for tips on how to best show off their mankles and what shoes are best to wear.

Paul Baldwin added: 'Mankles have been one of the most unlikely trends that we have seen this season, the rolled up chino look was seen across the catwalks and sported by fashionistas along, but now the trend has hit the high street.'

Debenhams also saw a further surge in sales last week during the heat wave, as temperatures soared men were rushing to give their ankles an airing.

The mankle has been most popular in Manchester, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Brighton, where shorter length chino sales have been the most popular.

The trend for flashing ankles was first adopted by risqu Victorian ladies and has now been adopted by gents and can be seen across the high street.