The ring that says 'I don't'! Women can now show their change in relationship status with a divorce ring



00:38 GMT, 2 April 2012

Gothic: A divorce ring from

Gothic: A divorce ring from

Once upon a time a woman spent her youth dreaming of the day a man got on one knee and gave her an engagement ring.

Then came a wedding ring — and decades later, if you were lucky, an eternity ring.

Now we have entered the era of another kind of ring — the divorce ring.

Yes, it seems that these days women wear their broken hearts not on their sleeves but on their finger.

French jewellery designer Gisele Ganne has created a ring to represent the fact that 42 per cent of marriages in the UK end in divorce.

The idea is that women buy the ring for themselves at the end of their marriage and wear it on their wedding finger as a defiant ‘I don’t!’

However, don’t expect a pretty, delicate jewel. Gisele’s rings (which cost 850) feature ‘subverted’ wedding symbols, namely gold bird skulls decorated with a bride’s bouquet and pink gems.

There’s even a divorce knuckle-duster for those who are going through a really bad divorce . . 

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