The lessons I"ve learned for a happy marriage

The lessons I”ve learned for a happy marriage

1:35 AM on 28th September 2011

What is the key to a successful marriage

What is the key to a successful marriage

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Celebrities like May Jagger should heed Liza Minnelli

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Angelina Jolie: Brainy

Angelina Jolie: Brainy

In the past few days, we’ve had a fashion first: both Pippa Middleton and her sister Kate have got their look wrong. First, Pippa was at London Fashion Week in an unflattering Alice Temperley dress that was too short. Then the Duchess of Cambridge went to a wedding in a red lace dress that made her look hard and a little cheap. Relax, girls! You’re trying too hard.

One look at Kate Winslet’s new man, with his red braces, was enough to make me suspect it will end in tears. And that was before I’d read a) that he’s recently separated after 20 months of marriage and b) that he’s changed his name from Ned Abel Smith to Ned RocknRoll. I give it three months.