The jewel in QVC"s home shopping crown: a royal snip at 10,528

Perfect for your Jubilee party: QVC flogs Diamonique replica of the Queen's Imperial Crown . . . yours for the princely sum of 10,538!



17:34 GMT, 7 May 2012

Six decades since the Queen first wore the crown jewels at her coronation, a replica of the priceless ‘Imperial State Crown’ will be auctioned off.

The one-off QVC Imperial State Crown replica – the Diamonique Jubilee Crown – will be auctioned for Breast Cancer Care as the ultimate accessory for fashion queens looking to build a jewellery collection fit for royalty.

The creation of the Diamonique Jubilee Crown follows the huge success of a Kate Middleton engagement ring replica, which saw sales rocket last year during the lead up to the royal wedding.

Diamonique Jubilee Crown on QVC

Crowning glory: the Diamonique Jubilee Crown, a replica of the Queen's Imperial Crown is being sold for charity on QVC

The original Imperial State Crown features the world’s second largest cut diamond, the Cullinan II or Second Star of Africa, at 317.4 carats, 2,868 diamonds on silver mounts, coloured stones in gold mounts, including 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls and is a priceless symbol of the British monarchy.

The Diamonique Jubilee Crown features 2,276 replica stones from QVC’s Diamonique collection of simulated diamond jewellery using 21 different sizes and colours of stone all set in silver.

The crown weighs approximately 1.5kg and has been valued at 10,528 by the company’s jewellery experts.

The original took eight months to create
and was originally commissioned for the Coronation of King George VI on
12 May 1937, from the Crown Jewellers, Garrard & Co.

Spot the difference: the real mc coy (right) versus the QVC version (left)

Spot the difference: the real mc coy (right) versus the QVC version (left)

Can you spot the difference The real Imperial Crown (right) versus the QVC version (left)

The replica was commissioned by QVC and took 30 days to make.

Weighing 0.91 kg and formed from an openwork gold frame, the Imperial State Crown is only worn for formal occasions including the new monarch’s coronation and at the annual State Opening of Parliament.

Vanessa Priest is the jewellery buyer at the shopping channel, and she said: 'The Queen’s ‘Imperial State Crown’ is iconic, one of the country’s most prized treasures.

In the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, the Diamonique Jubilee Crown replica will be the ultimate accessory. We are sure the crown will make its new owner feel like they are the Queen of the castle.'

It will be auctioned during QVC’s dedicated fundraising show in October.