The death of spontaneity Average Brit so busy they have to make plans FIVE WEEKS in advance just to meet friends



16:06 GMT, 13 March 2012

The average Brit is now so busy they have to make plans five weeks in advance simply to meet up with friends, according to new research.

Figures today reveal one in ten of our dairies are now packed for the next ten weeks with work commitments, kids’ parties, christenings and family weekends.

That means no spare time until June.

 A dinner party

Busy bees: Due to hectic lifestyles, arranging to meet friends can take weeks

And the average Brit already has plans to attend at least three weddings next year.

The study, by hotel chain Premier Inn, found 25 per cent enjoy having a full diary, while 50 per cent plan in advance to ensure they’ve got something to look forward to.

But a further 15 per cent said they felt pressured to fill up spare weekends because they didn’t want to waste them.

And 31 per cent are so desperate to have time to themselves they now admit finding excuses to avoid making plans with friends and family.

Claire Haigh, from Premier Inn, said: 'These days people are busier than ever.

'With more and more weekend commitments stacking up, even simply arranging to meet a friend for a drink can take weeks.

'Many are now realising that time is precious and we don’t want to waste a minute, so making back-to-back plans is often the only way to combat this.'