The cool kids love Apple: Report reveals Mac users are fashion-forward (and PC users aren't)

The results are in and it seems that where Macs and PCs are concerned, the computer boffin versus cool-kid stereotype is accurate.

According to a report that analysed the spending patterns of Mac and PC users, Apple loyalists are more concerned with style and fashion than their PC-using counterparts who opt for a less flashy aesthetic and focus on function.

Data compiled and aggregated from the credit card transactions of more than 700,000 Mac and PC buyers showed that Mac users throw more money at luxury and designer items.

Computer chic: Lady Gaga uses a Mac

Computer geek: Tom Cruise uses a PC

Computer chic: Style-seeking Mac users like Lady Gaga (left) are more fashion forward than PC users like Tom Cruise (right) according to a study

In contrast, claims the report by, fans of PCs prefer modestly priced purchases and mainstream labels.

The findings revealed that Mac users prefer to shop at Barney's, Hermes and Burberry, while non-Mac users spend more time in Old Navy, Perry Ellis and Nautica.

Given that 40 per cent of the 395,000 Mac devotees examined earned more than $100,000, it stands to reason that they don't mind paying for products which are widely known to be more costly than Windows operated systems.

But the study also showed that lovers of all things Apple were also prone to scouring for bargain prices at outlets to cover their expensive tastes.


The report looked at spending patterns of Mac and PC users

The report looked at spending patterns of Mac and PC users

Credit cards were traced to outlets like Neiman Marcus, Thomas Pink and Coach whereas PC fans frequented sporting goods and casual clothing outlets like Columbia Sportswear.

Certainly the sleek design of Apple laptops would win hands down in a style contest with any PC. The iconic technology company is famous for its high regard of esthetic as well as functionality.

Like the minimalist products he masterminded, the late Steve Jobs kept his own silhouette streamlined and technology-chic.

In the Eighties he asked Japanese designer Issey Miyake to make him a customised black turtleneck sweater and was rarely seen wearing anything else during his career.

In 2006 Apple took advantage of its reputation for cool and launched an advertising campaign featuring Justin Long as the personification of the confident, laid-back Mac and author John Hodgman as the straight-laced, brown-suited PC.

It would appear that the ad was a success.

Even despite recent controversy over factory conditions in China, the Apple brand remains synonymous with innovation and cool and is considered the standard-bearer of technology design.