The big vow: More than one in 10 brides lose FOUR stone or more for their wedding day

• Five million women in the UK lose weight for the big day
• More than one in 10 brides are losing four stone or more
• 57% of women are piling the pounds back on their honeymoon

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23:44 GMT, 28 June 2012



23:44 GMT, 28 June 2012

With every new wedding season comes a revolutionary diet and brides will do anything to squeeze into their dream dress.

Losing weight before the big day has become an obsession amongst many brides-to-be

Losing weight before the big day has become an obsession amongst many brides-to-be

But now, leading experts are calling for women to consider their dieting habits to avoid long term health problems related to drastic weight loss and yo-yo dieting before their big day.

According to new research by XLS-Medical , over five million women in the UK lose weight before they walk down the aisle, with more than one in 10 losing a massive four stone or more.

Yet despite all the effort that goes into
slimming down in time for the wedding bells, 57% of women undo all
their hard work by gaining weight on their honeymoon and beyond, with
over a quarter gaining at least half a stone.

Dr Matt Capehorn, Clinical Director at
the National Obesity Forum, said: 'Drastic and rapid weight loss for a
particular event or occasion, such as a wedding, is not advisable for a
number of reasons.

should be aiming for steady weight loss, as a result of sensible dietary
and lifestyle change, that promotes sustainable weight loss and health
benefits. Any variation from this should only be on the advice of a

Rapid weight loss, especially if done
without support, is likely to result in weight regain. Undertaking a
healthy eating and exercise plan with a realistic goal in mind will
ensure dieters are not only looking good but feeling great for their
wedding day and beyond.'

Leading UK dietitian Helen Bond said:
'It’s not surprising that for many brides to be, losing weight will be
an important part of their wedding day preparation.

'However, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight should be considered a lifelong challenge rather than a short-term fix.

'You don't need to make big changes,
just a few small steps can make a real difference, such as meal
planning, ensuring you’re hydrated and removing temptation — out of
sight really can be out of mind.'

Helen Bond’s top wedding diet tips:

1. Set a realistic weight loss goal: A weight loss goal should be challenging and require you to make an effort, but not be an impossible mission. Over ambitious targets can be easily broken! Aim to lose about five to ten per cent of your initial body weight over a 3-6 month period.

2. Be prepared for the inevitable good and bad days: Don’t get discouraged by the occasional set back. When days don’t go according to plan, don’t give up.

3. Keep a food and mood diary: Most of us literally don’t know what we are eating, or how all the things we unconsciously eat are adding up – finishing of your child’s fish fingers, testing wedding cake or nibbling on canaps during engagement celebrations! By keeping a food diary, you will become more aware of your eating patterns and the changes you need to make.

4. Take small steps: Just a few small steps can make a real difference to reaching your goal, whether it's looking at food labels to taking dance classes in preparation for your first dance, making sure you always start off the day with a healthy breakfast.

5. Think positively: Focus on all the wonderful delicious, nutritious and seasonal foods that you can enjoy as part of your meals and for snacks, rather than all of the ones you need to cut back on.