The Bachelor dating show that might actually result in marriage… but you"ll have to be MORMON to win over his heart

The Bachelor dating show that might actually result in marriage… but you'll have to be MORMON to win over his heart



15:40 GMT, 5 June 2012

The Mormon bachelor: Kent Tuttle, 26, is a dental assistant who was once a volleyball player, and was chosen out of 44 men for the show

The Mormon bachelor: Kent Tuttle, 26, is a dental assistant and one-time volleyball player

While The Bachelor has not resulted in a single marriage throughout its 16 seasons, it seems undeterred Mormon singles are willing to give the concept a go.

The Mormon Bachelor, which aims to find true love for Latter-day Saints, is giving the original series a run for its money.

But with varying degrees of strict dating rules, and a modest dress code, the reality show will see 13 Mormon bachelorettes vie for the eligible bachelor's affections the old fashioned way.

The unofficial spin-off from ABC's reality TV programme, The Bachelor, begins on July first with 26-year-old dental student, Kent Tuttle, taking center-stage as the religious bachelor seeking true love.

The online show was created by Mormons Erin
Elton and her roommate Audrey Laidlaw, after they were turned away as potential wives from the original show.

ABC's version sees the romantic contestants battle for their eligible
bachelor's affections wearing tiny dresses and using plenty of sexual
innuendo, Mormons believe that modest dress reflects commitment to a Christlike life, showing respect for each other, and for God.

Finding a spouse is central to being a
Mormon, and the faith regards getting married as 'graduating with
honours,' where single people are barred from key leadership positions
in the church and often worship in separate congregations.

Mrs Laidlaw put herself forward as the show's first
Mormon bachelorette in 2010, going through 22 first dates and eight second dates before she picked the man she ended up marrying, Matt Laidlaw.

The show's premiere season was a success, and men from all over America responded to the matchmaking venture.

Bachelorette: Sharla Klimt, 26, is an Enrollment Advisor for University of Phoenix, and a Cosmetologist

Bachelorette: Cerissa Urry, 22, is a ballerina from Layton, Utah

Bachelorette contestants: Mormons Sharla Klimt, 26 (left), is a Cosmetologist and Cerissa Urry, 22 (right), is a ballerina from Utah

Mr Tuttle, a one-time volleyball player, was chosen out of 44 men for the show, and Ms Elton told Deseret News that although he is 'very handsome', his looks were not the only reason he was picked as this season's bachelor.

She said: 'He’s nice, he’s really fun, people like Kent. He’s the kind of guy people want to be around.'

Mr Tuttle said a cousin urged him to sign up for The Mormon Bachelor, although he was 'completely opposed to it at first'.

Still, he believed he was in the right place to give it a chance.

'I kind of said “why not” I’m in the right spot in my life to find love, and that’s what the show is all about.

'I feel like it’s set up for success,'
he added. 'The show weeds out girls that aren’t interested in something
serious, that aren’t interested in me, or that aren’t in the right spot
in their lives.'.

Bachelorette: Carly Walker, 24, currently lives in Santa Monica, CA

Bachelorette: NoelleThiel, 28, is an Elementary School Teacher

Vying for his heart: Two bachelorettes who will go on blind dates with Mr Tuttle are Noelle Thiel, 28 (left), and Carly Walker, 24 (right)

He admitted to having fears about his
blind dates being recorded and posted online, but said 'At the same
time, I know there are sacrifices I have to make to find the one.'

Mr Tuttle revealed he is looking for a girl who is honest, loyal and selfless, with a 'great love

'Love is a choice. I just have to find someone who is easy to love. Life is hard enough. I’m in
dental school, and it’s not easy – I need someone I can come home to
who can make me laugh.'

He also believes that it is difficult to plan for love, because it usually happens when you least expect it.

'I can’t really say what’s going to happen, it’s up to Heavenly Father,' he said.

There will be 13 bachelorettes that Mr Tuttle will have to choose from, and this season the women will come back for more than two dates, giving his 'top picks' more air time.

Ms Elton said: 'We’re just so excited. Our main goal is just to help people find true love.'

The Mormon Bachelor begins on July 1 at