The A-Z of love: B is for beauty

When it comes to finding love, we're a pretty superficial bunch. Beautiful people not only get the best-paid jobs, they also get the best-looking partners. Biology has no respect for political correctness.

Statistically, women prefer their men to be taller, darker and with stronger features. No surprises there.

Meanwhile, men prefer wider hips, fuller lips, longer hair and longer legs. No surprises there.

Face it: True beauty is more than skin deep

Face it: True beauty is more than skin deep

More surprising is our preference for faces that are 'perfectly average'.

However radical our tastes, we're just not interested in an 'interesting' face. However individual we think we are, sexually, the golden ratio of perfect proportions is our greatest turn on.

What beauty does. Choose someone who makes you feel beautiful.Of the moment. In Ancient Greece, beauty was ‘being of one’s hour ’ : always age appropriate.

But psychology tells us that beauty is more than skin deep. Recent research shows that the more curious, caring, empathetic and entertaining we are, the luckier we are in love.

After all, we've all known people who have grown on us. Physical beauty is, after all, no indicator of emotional stability or longterm compatibility.

So, though good looks seduce, best invest for long-term returns.