Thanks to Adele, big hair is back!
So here's how you can pump up the volume…

While it was her big voice that first got her noticed, at the BRIT Awards, it was Adele’s fabulous hair that we couldn’t stop admiring.

Her magnificent oversized mane harks back to the stylised volume of the Sixties, but with a modern twist. And Adele isn’t the only one to have adopted big hair — Mulberry and Diane von Furstenberg also showed off bouffant and teased hairstyles in their spring/summer collections.

Michael Ashton, Adele’s hair and make-up artist, describes the look he created for her at the BRITs as a modern take on the classic English Rose. ‘It’s Susannah York meets Marilyn Monroe over high tea,’ he says.

Big success: Adele impressed at the Brits with her performance and look

Big success: Adele impressed at the Brits with her performance and look

Big success: Adele impressed at the Brits with her performance and look

He achieved the style by working a volumising serum through Adele’s damp hair, applying a root-lifting spray, then blasting with a hairdryer while Adele had her head flipped forward, creating instant lift at the roots.

He finished drying it using a medium-sized round brush, then curled sections with a hot tong and finally set the style with strong-hold hairspray.

But that’s just one way to supersize your hair. Here are some others:


Volumising products work by thickening individual hairs so that they take up more space and create the impression of a greater mass of hair.

Try Fekkai Full-Blown Volume shampoo and conditioner (20 each, as it contains a new plumping complex that visibly amplifies each strand.

Next, invest in a volumising mousse, lotion or spray. L’Oreal Professionel’s Techni.Art Volume Architect (12.60, lorealprofession, is a perennial favourite with salon stylists for its ability to thicken hair without making it sticky, while Charles Worthington’s Big Bounce Spray (5.10, Boots) is a new lightweight spray infused with collagen to strengthen and plump up finer hair.

Alternatively, try a dry shampoo which thickens hair by coating each strand with powder particles. Batiste Dry Shampoo (2, Boots, Superdrug) can be used to extend the life of a blow-dry when applied to the roots of hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two, but will also add texture and volume to clean hair.

Get the look: Achieve a big mane with volumising products and tools

Get the look: Achieve a big mane with volumising products and tools


Good old heated rollers which can help lift hair from the roots are back in fashion, says celebrity hair stylist Mathew Alexander: ‘If I’m doing a big-hair look, I always set the hair on heated rollers after blow-drying.’

The latest high-tech rollers are Cloud Nine’s innovative ‘The O’ rollers system, which heats rollers individually in four seconds flat (199.95,

Alternatively a curling wand such as the new Yogi Fat-Barrel Wand (64.95, gives you control over each curl. Either way, it’s important to let the hair cool in a curl as this sets it.

And if all this sounds like too much hard work, cheat your way to bigger volume by attaching clip-in hair pieces (from 20, under the top layer of your hair to add fullness and body.

Extensions made from real hair will feel nicer, but more important is to find a colour that blends in with your own hair, for a believeable look.


Salons offer treatments that can specifically help thinning hair, too.

Perming increases volume because the lotion used chemically alters and thickens the structure of the hair shaft.

The latest method is the Digital Perm, which uses hot rods regulated by a machine, which can produce everything from soft waves to full-on curls (250, If you do opt for a perm, use a strengthening treatment after washing — try Kerastase’s Concentre Vita-Ciment to add natural protein to weak hair, or Concentre Substantif, with a calcium-derivative and vitamin F.

More extreme treatments can be used on very sparse hair — the latest is Follicular Unit Extraction and involves removing individual hair follicles from parts of the scalp where they are plentiful and reintroducing them where the hairs have died away.

Although thinning hair is seen more as a male problem, Dr Raghu Reddy of The Private Clinic ( treats many women, too, and the results can be life-changing. FUE costs 2.50 per hair; usually, at least 2,000 follicles are transplanted.