Teacher who lost 8 stone after being hypnotised to THINK she had gastric band enjoys first solid Christmas lunch in years

It”s nicer than last year”s Christmas dinner: Woman enjoys first proper turkey meal in years after hypnosis persuaded her she had gastric band and forced her to live on liquid dietPain-free therapy tricked woman into thinking she had undergone weight loss surgeryConvinced she had a smaller stomach Kim lived on liquid diet
Resorted to pureeing last year”s Christmas dinner

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking these photos are of two different women.

In fact, both are Kim Robinshaw – before and after she was hypnotised into thinking she had been fitted with a gastric band in a desperate bid to lose weight.

The primary school teacher has now dropped nearly five dress sizes after losing eight stones in just 14 months.

Kim Robinson, 31, who existed

Kim Robinson, 31, who existed “liquid only” diet in a bid to control her weight, was delighted as she tucked into her first Christmas dinner in two years

And she revealed yesterday how the achievement meant she could enjoy her first solid Christmas dinner for two years on Sunday.

Mrs Robinshaw, who tipped the scales at 21 stones when she began the treatment, said: ‘I think the results are incredible.

‘I’ve still got a bit more weight to lose, but I just can’t get over it. It’s given me the willpower, it’s changed my life completely.’

The 31-year-old said she had struggled with her weight since having an over-active thyroid gland removed as a teenager. She had to have a hysterectomy in 2006 and blameshormone replacement therapy for causing her weight to creep up as she began comfort eating, snacking on crisps and chocolate. At her heaviest,she wore size 24 clothes.

But when her husband, Alan, 46, told her about a colleague’s amazing weight loss due to gastric band hypnotism, she was intrigued.

So she paid 275 for ten sessions with hypnotist Andrew Nelson in October last year.

Kim Robinshaw Kim Robinshaw

Transformation: Kim on holiday in Turkey last year (left) and today after shedding more than 7 stones (right)

Last year Kim resorted to pureeing her entire Christmas lunch so she could join her family at the dinner table

Last year Kim resorted to pureeing her entire Christmas lunch so she could join her family at the dinner table

He managed to convince her that she had had surgery to have a gastric band fitted. He put her on an eating plan similar to that of real patients, forcing her to begin with pureed food before building up to solids. To her amazement, within days she started shedding the pounds.

‘Basically you feel like your stomach is the size of your fist,’ said Mrs Robinshaw of Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire.

‘At the start you only have liquids, yoghurts for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner – and I was full up.

‘If I had too much I would feel sick and that’s how you’re meant to feel if you actually had it done.’

It meant she was forced to eat a pureed Christmas dinner last year.


That”s better: Kim enjoyed preparing a proper Christmas dinner this year after finally losing the weight

‘When my mum put the pureed dinner in front of me, I felt sick just looking at it. But she’d gone to all that effort so I had to try it,’ added Mrs Robinshaw, who now wears size 14-16 clothes.

‘Had I been able to afford a real band I may have thought about it, but I really didn’t want more surgery so this was another option. I was willing to try anything.

‘I’ve still got a bit more to lose, I’d like to be a comfortable size 14. But so far I’m delighted with the results.’

Mr Nelson said the treatment created the ‘same feelings experienced with surgery, but without the discomfort, inconvenience and cost’.