Ban trick or treating? How August"s riots have made us terrified of our neighbours" children

Ban trick or treating How August”s riots have made us terrified of our neighbours” children 10:04 AM on 31st October 2011 Harmless fun or scary stuff One in five people would ban trick or treating this year Parental guidance: One in four adults has suffered damage to their home during “Mischief week”, facing an average of over 232 in repair fees

England riots: Children took part because they "feel pressured to wear designer clothes"

Children took part in looting and riots because they “feel pressured to wear designer clothes” 6:44 PM on 16th September 2011 Youngsters are going to great lengths to wear branded clothes with trendy logos Celebrity pressure: Kim Kardashian, left, and Justine Bieber are always sporting the latest in designer clothes ” An 11 year old boy, wearing an Adidas top, is escorted into Highbury Magistrates Court to face charges in his part in the rioting and looting in London ”

Kay Burley facelift: Sky News presenter gets a "helping hand" for 50th birthday

“Mother Nature needed a helping hand”: Sky News” Kay Burley has a facelift for her 50th birthday 2:24 PM on 17th August 2011 Giving Mother Nature a boost: Kay Burley showed off the results of her second cosmetic procedure on her face as she reported on the London riots last week Can you tell the difference Kay in February – her jaw line shows a slight jowl and the lines under her eyes are more noticable The day job: Kay has been at Sky News since 1988 – but denied that the cosmetic surgery was because of her work

Katy Perry"s husband Russell Brand interrupts stand up gig to hug female fan

What would Katy say Russell Brand interrupts stand up gig to give a female fan a warm embrace on stage 9:41 AM on 15th August 2011 What would Katy say Russell Brand was seen offering a hug to a happy female fan as he performed a stand up routine at the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City last night Centre stage: The comedian was performing in Atlantic City while his wife Katy Perry had taken her tour to L.A over the weekend Social commentary: Part of the routine saw Russell read from a paper. Last week the the British star wrote a blog post about the London riots Working apart: While Russell was cracking jokes in Atlantic City Katy has been performing in L.A

JANET STREET-PORTER: Big brands pay price of flirting with gangsta chic

Big brands pay price of flirting with gangsta chic 12:32 AM on 15th August 2011 Culprit: An image from the website “catch a looter” which was set up with the aim of outing those who looted in the recent UK riots Interesting choice: Despite both stars having a tarnished reputation Adidas – one of the biggest sponsors for the 2012 Olympics, plan to use rapper Big Sean to promote their brand and currently use Snoop Dogg More from Janet Street Porter… JANET STREET-PORTER: If divorce is easier than driving we should take a marriage test! 17/07/11 JANET STREET-PORTER: Doctors doling out happy pills are just as bad as drug pushers 10/07/11 JANET STREET PORTER: Think you”ve got mother-in-law problems I”ve seen off SIX of them 04/07/11 JANET STREET-PORTER: If you want to be cared for when you retire you”ll have to pay for it 26/06/11 JANET STREET PORTER: Who would you trust to sell Britain 19/06/11 JANET STREET PORTER: The woman in charge of our care must quit 12/06/11 JANET STREET-PORTER: Why John Lewis should be PROUD to be beige! 05/06/11 JANET STREET PORTER: Tagging the elderly outrageous I think it would make old age SO much easier 01/06/11 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE Feminist icon: Gloria Steinem Latest venture: Mary Portas bravely puts her reputation on the line when she opens a shop bearing her name in the Oxford Street House of Fraser Airport resident: Tony Parsons