Dating men admit to lying about their earning power, hobbies and divorce in order to make good first impression

Too good to be true: Men admit lying about their earning power, hobbies and divorce in order to impress on first date | UPDATED: 09:22 GMT, 23 November 2012 If you've just been on the perfect date and think your new man with a top job, interesting hobby and no ex-wife on the scene is too good to be true – he probably is. New research has revealed that 74 per cent of men bend the truth on a first date in order to make a good first impression. Top of the list of white lies was how much money they earned and what job they did, followed by fabrications about their hobbies and interests.

Dexter Koh: Real-life Christian Grey entering into "mutually beneficial contracts" with students

'They give me sex, I give them money': Meet the real-life Christian Grey entering into 'mutually beneficial contracts' with students Dexter Koh, 30, from east London, is 'sugar daddy' to students met onlineCompares himself to Fifty Shades Of Grey protagonist Christian Grey | UPDATED: 19:46 GMT, 21 November 2012 Most people were shocked while reading EL James' raunchy mummy porn trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey at the idea that a man might have a contractual sexual relationship with a woman. But now one real-life Christian Grey has come forward to explain why he ritualistically enters into precisely this sort of 'arrangement'. Dexter Koh, a 30-year-old businessman from Shoreditch in east London, boasts a six-figure salary and a penchant for providing the women he dates with the finest things in life…in return for sex

Taylor Swift buying North London home close to One Direction"s Harry Styles

The girl next door! Is Taylor Swift buying a North London home close to Harry Styles… after snapping up properties near THREE of her ex-boyfriends | UPDATED: 16:22 GMT, 21 November 2012 They're believed to have recently rekindled their romance following a brief fling earlier this year. And Taylor Swift is said to be so determined to make her relationship with Harry Styles work that she is preparing to buy a new property 'just around the corner' from the One Direction hunk.

Tracey Cox: Watch porn or read erotica like Fifty Shades of Grey for 20 minutes every day

We criticise men for watching porn, but it's women who need their daily dose, says relationship expert TRACEY COXWatching sexy films or reading erotica for 20 minutes EVERY DAY could maintain healthy libidoFifty Shades of Grey 'helped women feel horny again' | UPDATED: 09:47 GMT, 14 November 2012 Tracey Cox is the UK's leading expert and author on sex and relationship issues.

Why 4 out of 10 women have an "uneasy" relationship with their mother-in-law

From criticism over fashion choices to interfering parenting advice… why four out of ten women have an 'uneasy' relationship with their mother-in-law | UPDATED: 11:27 GMT, 13 November 2012 It will hardly come as news to millions of married women – or, indeed, to their husbands.

Rowan Pelling"s sex advice column: He buys me tarty lingerie…but I"m a cotton undies type of wome

Rowan Pelling's sex advice column: He buys me tarty lingerie…but I'm a cotton undies type of women | UPDATED: 22:52 GMT, 11 November 2012 Question: I feel lucky to be in a great relationship in my 40s after six years on my own.

It"s not over for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

'It's NOT over between Justin and Selena': Bieber's friends say he wants Gomez back… as she arrives in New York with 'tentative plans' to meet ex beau There's nothing between him and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin Selena seen leaving her New York hotel on Sunday Estranged couple have 'tentative plans' to meet ahead of his Monday night Brooklyn gig Bieber tells interviewer: 'I don't know what's going on in my life' Justin performs break up song Cry Me a River day after news breaks | UPDATED: 22:15 GMT, 11 November 2012 Justin Bieber wants Selena Gomez back and believes their split is just a temporary 'blip.' And Gomez flew to New York on Saturday with 'tentative plans' to meet her estranged beau ahead of his Brooklyn concert on Monday night. A source told Mail Online: 'It's not just over for Justin and Selena, whatever happens they have a lot to talk about.

Coy Kristen Stewart awkwardly dodges Robert Pattinson questions as she vows to "keep them guessing"

Awkward! Kristen Stewart dodges question about reconciliation with Robert Pattinson by vowing to 'keep them guessing' | UPDATED: 18:48 GMT, 7 November 2012 It was inevitable that she would eventually have to address her relationship status with Robert Pattinson.

EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix unveil a different side as they beat-box and rap on new track Going Nowhere

EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix unveil a different side as they beat-box and rap on new track Going Nowhere | UPDATED: 21:29 GMT, 7 November 2012 Little Mix are ensuring pop world domination is on the way by showcasing a different side to themselves with an exclusive track on MailOnline. The X Factor winning girl group have recorded a mid-paced, piano and guitar-led song called Going Nowhere, which sees them rapping like their mentor Tulisa.