The Only Way Is Essex: Tom Fletcher makes his debut as he gives Mario Falcone advice

From McFly frontman to Mario's brother-in-law: Tom Fletcher makes his TOWIE debut as he gives his new relative some advice | UPDATED: 06:37 GMT, 11 October 2012 He's better known as the front man of McFly, but now Tom Fletcher may also be referred to as a reality TV star. The 27-year-old made his debut on The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday night, where he was referred to as Mario Falcone's 'brother-in-law.' Tom, who is married to Mario's sister Giovanna, was seen trying his best to give the Essex resident some relationship advice after he called in on him. His grand debut: Tom Fletcher from McFly makes an appearance on The Only Way Is Essex Guy talk: Mario Falcone called in on his brother-in-law for some relationship advice 'You're looking lovely,' Tom told Mario as he walked in, before inviting him to sit down

Tailor releases Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired range following a spike in demand

Two HUNDRED Shades Of Grey: Tailor releases Fifty Shades-inspired range following a spike in demand for the colour from women desperate for their man to dress like Christian Grey | UPDATED: 11:09 GMT, 20 July 2012 Christian Grey is well and truly the man of the moment. He is the billionaire bondage fanatic that have women worldwide hooked. For all the women who have fallen for his dapper and suave sense of style, and all the men in envy of the fictional character's suited and booted look, help is at hand

It"s friday: Danny O"Donoghue – The Voice judge who has scaled the U.S. charts

Danny O'Dono …who Few had heard of him when he was named as a judge on The Voice but he has already scaled the U.S. charts …and suffered plenty of rejection | UPDATED: 21:46 GMT, 26 April 2012 V for victory The Voice judge Danny O’Donoghue Had you ever heard of Danny O’Donoghue before he started appearing as a judge on BBC1’s The Voice Jessie J Tick.

Is Liv Tyler switching careers? Actress shows off her singing voice for Givenchy (but dad might be mad she didn"t do one of his tunes)

Is Liv Tyler switching careers Actress shows off her singing voice for Givenchy (but dad might be mad she didn't do one of his tunes) Liv Tyler has added a new skill to her repertoire, making her singing debut with a cover track by a famous rock band. But instead of opting for the obvious choice – her father is the Aerosmith frontman – the actress eschewed Steve Tyler's back catalogue in favour of INXS.

Alexa Chung splits with Arctic frontman Alex Turner

No more Monkeying around for Alexa Chung as she splits with Arctic frontman Alex Turner Last updated at 1:49 AM on 31st July 2011 EDITED BY CHARLOTTE GRIFFITHS Alexa Chung is nursing a secret heartache after breaking up with Alex Turner They way they were: Alexa seen here with Alex back in May in the East Village, New York. She has moved out of the apartment they shared