Supersize Britain: Its not the extra donut what done it, its genetic! One third of overweight Britons blame the fat gene.

Supersize Britain: It’s not the extra donut what done it, it’s genetic! One third of overweight Britons blame the fat gene.



22:57 GMT, 3 May 2012

A survey by UK discount website has found that a third of overweight Britains believe their genes are to blame for those extra rolls of fat.

This belief is down to the results of a study conducted a couple of years ago in 2010
Published in medical journal Nature Genetics, it claimed a gene named FTO was responsible for human appetite.

The increased incidence of said gene was found to be linked to body weight and quickly dubbed the fat gene.

34% of overweight Brits blame the fat gene

34% of overweight Brits surveyed blame the fat gene on their condition

It's always nice to be able to blame something beyond our control and by the looks the of things that's exactly what we are doing – with a chocolate coated cherry on the top.

MyVoucher surveyed over 1000 subscribers out of which, just over half, 52%, classed themselves as overweight.

A massive 34% of those respondents claimed that their size was down to the fat gene.

Obviously nothing to do with the dining discounts and two for one deals at restaurants they've been enjoying on the MyVoucherCodes website then!

Lack of finances was also cited as a factor with 14% stating that they “couldn’t afford healthy food”
whilst a further 18% claimed that they “couldn’t afford a gym membership”.

18% of overweight people surveyed claimed they couldn't afford gym membership

18% of overweight people surveyed claimed they couldn't afford gym membership

Over a tenth, 11%, of the ‘overweight’ respondents said
that they believed they were overweight because they were simply ‘too
lazy’ to exercise. Similarly, 21% of the respondents said that
they were overweight because junk food was “more convenient” to eat
when they felt hungry.

In a bid to investigate further, the
respondents who blamed their extra weight on the ‘fat gene’ were asked
why they felt this way, and were able to choose more than one response.
The majority, 74% said it was because they had been overweight for “most
of their lives” whilst just under two fifths, 39%, said it was because
‘”ne/both of their parents were overweight”.

of the respondents who blamed the fat gene for being overweight said
that they felt this way because they “eat healthily and exercise’ but
still struggle to lose weight whilst, 28% said that they had tried to
lose weight but ‘always failed”.

The study found that just 8% of the respondents who claimed to be overweight felt ‘happy’ with their size.

Said Mark Pearson, Chairman of MyVoucherCodes, 'unfortunately,
the UK is suffering from an obesity problem which is impacting on the
health of many Britons. This study was interesting to conduct as it has
given us a real insight into why people think they are overweight, and
to see that so many considered themselves overweight in the first place
was really quite a shock.

'It was sad to
see that money has played a part in the unhealthy lifestyle that some
people lead, but I can understand that gym memberships and healthy food
can be pricy. However, there are plenty of free options out there to
help you lose weight; like going for a run or even just a walk around a
local park.'

In Britain, about one in five people are classed as clinically obese.

He is also keen to point out that MyVoucherCodes runs discounts for supermarkets and that most retailers have weekly offers to help consumers eat healthily on a budget: 'Being healthy needn’t be expensive!'