Super-skinny stars Victoria Beckham and January Jones inspire "mommyrexic" trend

Rise of the “mommyrexics”: How super-skinny stars are inspiring a worrying new pregnancy trendRachel Zoe, Bethenny Frankel and Victoria Beckham barely gained a pound while pregnant – now a new breed of alpha moms are going to extremes to follow suit…

3:36 PM on 15th June 2011

Rachel Zoe Victoria Beckham January Jones

Setting a trend: Stars who stay slim during pregnancy, like Rachel Zoe, who gave birth in March, Victoria Beckham and January Jones (today, right) are inspiring women to go to extremes to attain the same results

“Mommyrexics”: A whole industry has emerged around alpha-moms desperate to restore their pre-pregnancy physiques

Nicole Richie Bethenny Frankel Miranda Kerr

What baby weight Mother-of-two Nicole Richie (left), Bethenny Frankel (centre) and Miranda Kerr (right, at the CFDA awards last week), who had son Flynn in February, all dropped the post-pregnancy pounds in record time