Sugar rush round the clock: Beverly Hills bakery unveils 24-hour cupcake ATM (so the stars need never be without their Sprinkles)

Most ATMs serve the purpose of fattening our wallets (admittedly while shrinking the bank balance) – but a new take on the facility looks set to fatten our waistlines instead.

Popular LA bakery Sprinkles is launching a cupcake ATM, in order that its fans can get their hands on its products at any time of day or night.

In addition to cupcakes, 24-Hour Sprinkles will sell branded clothing, cake mix and even treats for dogs.

Sprinkles is launching a CUPCAKE ATM MACHINE with 24-hour cupcake access

Sugar fix: Popular LA bakery Sprinkles is launching a cupcake ATM, so that fans can indulge 24 hours a day

Sprinkles is launching a CUPCAKE ATM MACHINE with 24-hour cupcake access

Ready for launch: The pink ATM is already installed beside the Sprinkles outpost in Beverly Hills

The pink vending machine is expected to be in action in the next two weeks, and has already been installed between the existing Beverly Hills bakery and a soon-to-open Sprinkles ice-cream parlour.

The company promises that the ATM will be continuously restocked throughout the day and night with a choice of eight cupcake flavours at any one time, priced at $4 each.

Nicole Schwartz, head of marketing at Sprinkles, explained that the machine can hold up to 600 cupcakes, and any cake dispensed will have only been baked a couple of hours earlier.

She told The Atlantic: 'The machine is attached to our bakery,
which is essentially a 24-hour operation. /03/01/article-0-11FE3EC5000005DC-532_196x548.jpg” width=”196″ height=”548″ alt=”Leni and Heidi Klum” class=”blkBorder” />

Blake Lively

Khloe Kardashian

Famous fans: Sprinkles is a favourite with the A-list including Heidi Klum (pictured at a store in 2008, left), Blake Lively (centre) and Khloe Kardashian (right)

'We’ll constantly be restocking the automat with
freshly baked cupcakes so the cupcake you receive will only have been
baked a couple hours earlier.'

The reason there will be cakes for dogs available as well, Ms Schwartz continued, was because health department regulations do not permit dogs in the bakery, now, she explained, 'you don’t have to tie up Fido while you head

Sprinkles, of course, is as famous for its A-list fans as it is its buttercream-frosted treats.


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Heidi Klum, Blake Lively and the
Kardashian sisters have all been spotted in its stores (though quite how
they eat cupcakes and maintain those bodies is anyone's guess).

Cakes, in flavours such as cinnamon
sugar and chocolate coconut, sell for $3.50 each or $39 per dozen at
outposts in Newport Beach, Washington DC, Dallas and New York, as well
as the Beverly Hills original.

All have proved huge hits in their respective locations. And with a potential rollout of the cupcake ATM concept across the Sprinkles empire, the chain's cakes look set to become more popular still.