Storage 24 review: British killer monster movie adds nothing new to horror genre

British killer monster movie Storage 24 adds nothing new to the horror genre



09:24 GMT, 29 June 2012

STORAGE 24 (15)

Verdict: Not a keeper

This British horror flick is essentially Alien in a storage facility, with young people being killed and eviscerated by an extra-terrestrial monster, in reverse order of celebrity.

It’s consciously derivative film-making, aimed at people who paid to see every sequel to Friday The 13th and didn’t mind that they were basically the same movie.

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On the Lookout: Noel Clarke in disappointingly unoriginal Storage 24

On the Lookout: Noel Clarke in disappointingly unoriginal Storage 24

It’s competently directed by Johannes Roberts, while the special effects are gruesome enough to satisfy the target audience.

The young British cast, headed by producer Noel Clarke, is adequate in underwritten roles.

But we’ve seen the premise — a feeble loser becomes a real man through fighting — too many times before.

Both Attack The Block and The Cabin In The Woods brought something new to the genre, and Storage 24 looks old-fashioned and unimaginative by comparison.

There are comic flourishes — notably a yapping toy dog that gets turned into a murder weapon — but not nearly enough.

A film that should have been fresh ends up looking tired and bereft of ideas. Above all, movies like this have to thrill. This one doesn’t.

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