Steven Soderbergh's kung fu foolishness needs a sharp kick

Haywire (15)

Verdict: It goes that way

Steven Soderbergh’s story of a rogue secret agent differs from the Bourne movies in two ways.

One is that the central character is female. This gives a certain piquancy to the ease with which she kicks the hell out of any man unlucky enough to cross her path.

Female lead: Gina Carano takes charge in Haywire

Female lead: Gina Carano takes charge in Haywire

The best sequences are the fights in which she beats up Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender.

Eventually she gets round to Ewan McGregor, and by that time you’re starting to feel sorry for the poor little chap. What chance does he have

The other major difference is that Haywire just isn’t thrilling.

There’s an awful lot of dreary and incomprehensible exposition to get through, and Gina Carano is not a charismatic leading lady.

I gather that Ms Carano is a kung fu legend and a martial arts champ. What she most definitely isn’t is an actress.