Spanx donates 10,000 body-slimming T-shirts to U.S. troops… but do they really need shapewear?

Spanx donates 10,000 body-slimming T-shirts to U.S. troops… but do they really need shapewear

There are many times when a man needs to suck in his stomach and look svelte but is the battleground one of them

Spanx, the makers of the high-successful range of body-slimming underwear, have gifted 10,000 bemused U.S. troops with stomach-flattening Cotton Compression Undershirts.

The gesture has raised criticism from media outlets, which have questioned why soldiers might need such a garment.

Spanx for Men Compression Crew Neck

Pecs appeal: 10,000 overseas servicemen were sent a Compression Crew Neck T-shirt by the underwear manufacturer – but do they need them

Jezebel read: “It”s nice that the undershirts also provide back support, but it”s still a little odd to show appreciation for our troops with a gift of shapewear.

“Shouldn”t risking one”s life for our country be one situation where you don”t have to worry about how your stomach looks”

The Huffington Post also said: “Trust us, servicemen and women: we don”t care how your curves look; we”re just grateful for your service.”

In a press release the company explained the gesture, writing: “We launched Spanx for Men to help guys battle the bulge, and now we”re proud to donate Spanx Cotton Compression Undershirts to the men who go to battle for us every day.

“The shirts help men feel firmer and stand taller, and we hope they serve as a reminder to our servicemen that we stand firmly behind them. This donation is a unique way for Spanx to support the troops, and we appreciate the partnership of the USO to help make it happen.”

US soldiers playing basketball in Kuwait

Fighting form: Given that servicemen are required to be so fit for their work, many are surprised that Spanx thought they might need shapewear

A reporter for The Atlantic noted on one of his trips to Afghanistan that servicemen in one campreceived bizarre gifts from members of the public including powder-blue Hello Kitty T-shirts, novels by Scientology leader L. Ron Hubbard and a box full of prescription-strength toothpaste.

While they may not be entirely appropriate, gifts are always gratefully received says military leaders.

But why our brave troops need to worry about their waistlines at the same time as fighting a war is anyone”s guess.

Don”t we appreciate them anyway Love handles and all.