Spa Doctor treats… stretch marks



21:00 GMT, 29 September 2012

Stretch marks are a form of scarring caused by tearing of lower layers of the skin, the dermis.

They are often the result of rapid growth or weight change during puberty, pregnancy, muscle-building, or hormone-replacement therapy.

This week, literary agent SHARMAINE LOVEGROVE, 31, visits a spa in Berlin that offers a unique remedy.

Pregnancy is just one cause of stretch marks (file picture)

Pregnancy is just one cause of stretch marks (file picture)


I had my first child in August 2011 and have been left with stretch marks on my stomach and upper thighs, despite using expensive creams that were supposed to prevent them. It’s knocked my body confidence.


The award-winning ONO Spa at the ultra-chic Mandala Hotel, which overlooks Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.


The Iyashi Dome Regeneration Package (approximately 130 for the deluxe package, lasting about three hours) is said to recondition the skin after pregnancy.

First, I am given an all-over body scrub with a honey-based product, which felt like liquid sand – lovely and tingly. I was allowed to apply the scrub to my breasts and stomach, which I felt more comfortable doing.

After showering, I entered the Iyashi Dome. It’s an infrared-sauna pod that you sit in with your head popping out of the top. Within 30 seconds, you feel uncomfortably hot. I sipped water and lasted for as long as I could.

Apparently, you can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes, but I managed only five minutes.

Finally, I had a full-body massage, during which I fell asleep.

Afterwards, I was glowing and happy. The stretch marks aren’t gone, but do look much better. I’ll keep on scrubbing and moisturising – but I’m not sure I’ll brave the Dome again!

Two-night spa breaks at The Mandala Hotel start at about 266. Visit or call 030 590 05 12 21. For details of the ONO SPA, visit