'Sometimes I wonder if the couple even like each other': Wedding photographer describes the brides and grooms who don't even want to kiss



19:18 GMT, 26 April 2012

It is generally expected that when a man and woman decide to get married, they do so because they are in love.

But one wedding photographer has spilled the beans about what she really captures on camera and admits that sometimes she can't help but wonder whether the bride and groom even like each other.

The anonymous author posted the hilarious tell-all on Buzzfeed, in which she explains that the brides are nearly always more attractive than their grooms and many seem as if they aren't in love.

Do you... An anonymous wedding photographer has described how some couples avoid kissing in photos which makes her wonder if they are in love (Stock Image)

Do you An anonymous wedding photographer has described how some couples avoid kissing in photos which makes her wonder if they are in love (Stock Image)

While recognising how some men and women clearly feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection, others look awkward at the mere though of locking lips.

'I'd say 75 per cent of the couples do really seem to like each other,' the Philadelphia-based photographer writes. 'But the other 25 per cent makes you ask, are these people really getting married Do they even talk to each other'

The lighthearted insight into the behaviour of brides, groom and their guests, also describes how some characters can get just a little too carried away with the celebrating.

One groomsman, she recalls, drunk so much he disappeared from the party and fell down a ravine, while at the very same event the bride and groom were so intoxicated he pulled down his trousers while his new wife crawled between his legs for a photograph.

'People just get really wasted,' she admits while noting that the strangest weddings of all are Catholic nuptials where guests drink a lot before the ceremony and are then forced to endure a 'tedious', 'uptight' and 'freaking long' service.

A good bar and a steady of flow of booze however, helps her job no end, she explains, as the more sober the guests are the less comfortable they feel around the camera.

'There was this one bridesmaid who kept going around whispering, “That photographer is following me!” Like, oh yeah, I'm really ONLY following you,' she writes.

And some of the less inhibited, merrier male attendees hit on her while she's trying to capture the action on the dance floor.

'One guy said, “If I didn't have a wife, I'd totally ask for your number.” But the only people who've ever actually asked for my number were a security guard and a trumpet player,' the witty photographer says.

Though she does admit to loving her job, weddings she adds, are not all love and laughter for the professionals employed to work at them.

In the past she has has been treated like 'crap' by the fancier venues who don't even offer her water or let her eat before the wedding begins.

All in all though, it's not a bad gig she admits: 'You're basically a wedding crasher that everyone wants there and at the same time, you're creating art.'