Skinny Kate Middleton disappoints school kids

Take note Kate Middleton: a princess is a princess, except when she’s not wearing a dress.

Kate made an appearance at Robert Blair primary school in London late last week to check out a charity called The Art Room, but left a few sad faces in her wake after rocking up in—shock,horror —jeans and a jumper.

A mother of one of the school kids told The Mail on Sunday: “Some of the little ones were very confused. They were saying things like, “She doesn’t look like a princess. Where’s her dress? They didn’t believe it was the Princess they had seen on the television.”

According to the mum, the kids had also been waiting around for the Princess to arrive for 45 minutes, and by the time she got there, they were so exhausted they were sitting on the ground.

But latey Katey’s un-Royal attire wasn’t the only thing the kiddies complained about —apparently they don’t approve of her figure, either.

Another mother told The Mail that while the students thought she was “pretty”, “some of the older children said she looked skinnier than she did in the photos.”

We’ll bet the Duchess didn’t expect such a tough audience —are all Pommy school kids so snooty?