Simon Cowell is not the only vain one…British men spend an hour a day in front of the mirror (but Welsh men are the least interested in maintaining looks)

 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell spends hours in the bath – and one particularly long soak meant he was 'two hours late' for work

Simon Cowell was shamefully accused of being two hours late for Britain's Got Talent auditions – because he was soaking in the bath.

But it seems he’s not the only man who is guilty of having 'me-time.'

Twelve per cent of men across the UK are investing almost an hour a day on their looks.

And London men ‘reign in vain’, research has revealed.

One in four men in the country’s capital take over 45 minutes to spruce up before they’re prepared to leave the house.

But it’s not just Londoners fighting the girls for mirror space, the Asda study revealed.

Many of the UK’s other large cities are also guilty of a male grooming habit.

Men from Birmingham are fighting off bald spots and grey patches – buying the most hair dye and hair loss shampoo.

Beauty conscious men from the East Coast of Scotland buy the most male skin care than any other UK region.

And 43 per cent of men in Northern Ireland have a regular skincare regime.

Newcastle tops the tanning stakes, with four in ten men emulating their ‘Geordie Shores’ role models and turning to the bottle to top up their tans.

Manity sweeps the nation: One in right men spend almost an hour a day on their grooming regime

'Manity' sweeps the nation: One in right men spend almost an hour a day on their grooming regime

Welsh men are the least vain with a whopping 38 per cent not bothering to do anything to maintain or improve their looks.

One in in five men aged 20 to 29, with 1 admitting to plucking their eyebrows and one in three use facemasks.

One in three men moisturise with 75% being Londoners compared with only 23% of Welsh.

Lindsey Ford, health & beauty category planner at Asda says: 'As “manity” sweeps the nation we know more men than ever care about how they look, and Simon Cowell has proved this once again!'