Shrinkwrap for shoes: The 4 summer must-have

Shrink wrap for shoes: Weatherproof your heels with this summer's 4 must-have



10:44 GMT, 3 August 2012

There's nothing worse than returning home after a great evening out to find that your hard-earned new heels have been tarnished by mud or gravel.

And with the summer season upon us, from alfresco balls to days at the polo, our stilettos are in peril.

But one entrepreneur has invented a solution.

The stylish designs are perfect for protecting your heels in the summer season

The stylish designs are perfect for protecting your heels in the summer season

Ally Stephenson was fed up of her heels being ruined on her country pursuits, Clean Heels was born.

Clean Heels are designed to slot onto the end of stiletto heels to stop them sinking into the mud at outdoor events.

They also protect heels from wear and tear, and enable them to be worn in otherwise forbidden environments such as stately homes.

The wet weather this year has seen sales of Clean Heels double year on year from 2011.

The Heel Sleeve is subtle

clean heels image.jpeg

The subtle Heel Sleeves are designed to protect shoes from gravel and mud

But there was no stopping Ally, and after the great success of Clean Heels, she launched Heel Sleeves which sold 4,000 pairs in their first day alone.

Differing slightly from Clean Heels, the sleeves are shrunk to fit onto heels and protect them long term.

They are designed to protect more of the length of the heel from wear and tear, and stop them being damaged by walking on gravel, cobbles, decking, escalators, driving and grass.


Britons facing the soggiest summer for years can now ensure they are prepared for the next unexpected downpour — by carrying foldable wellington boots.

With the season of outdoor activities upon us including the London Olympics and music festivals, Hunter Boot have launched the new boot specially designed for travelling.

The Original Tour boot combines the iconic Hunter silhouette with a flexible rubber leg, allowing it to be quickly rolled up and packed into even the smallest of spaces, making it ideal for packing in the car, in a suitcase, or even in a backpack.

'We believe that our new Original Tour boot will be the perfect wellington boot for people of all ages and interests this summer as its design makes it so versatile and it’s also a lot more lightweight, compared with our other boots.

'We designed these boots with travel in mind, considering destinations such as summer festivals and countries with unpredictable weather. Hunter wanted to create a travelling boot that our customers would love,' a spokesman for Hunter Boot said.

The Original Tour boot weighs 50 grams less than the Original Tall, making the style much easier to carry around for long periods of time compared to Hunter’s existing range.

While the boots have been designed respecting Hunter’s high standards of practicality and comfort, they are also very stylish, as the style comes complete with a leg cuff to retain the shape of the much loved classic wellington boot.