Selling out: The make-up you can leave on all night which rejuvenates skin

12:44 AM on 11th June 2011

It is a nightly chore for every woman – removing the day’s make-up before going to sleep.
But perhaps not for much longer. A powder that can be worn to bed and even rejuvenates skin while you sleep has been selling out within minutes as insecure women seek to cover up a poor complexion.

Night make up, including foundation and powder to wear over night

Beauty sleep: Night make up, including foundation and powder to wear over night, could be the dream solution

Research shows that an increasing number are tempted to sleep in their make-up because they are worried about their looks.

Two-thirds admit that they are nervous to take it off when they are with a new partner, and 16 per cent think they are unattractive when they are bare faced, the poll of 1,000 women found.

Nearly a quarter said they slept wearing make-up up to three times a week – despite knowing it isn’t good for their skin – and 35 per cent said they would sleep in it if they could.

But the makers of Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment reckon their product can be worn all night with no ill effects. The key is, apparently, that the powder from their Bare Minerals line is lighter than other make-up as it blends with the natural moisture of the skin, rather than sitting on top of it.

Brand manager Lee Etheridge said that thanks to ‘active soil complex’ – a mixture of 70 minerals – in the make-up, the skin is encouraged to replenish and pore sizes reduce.

She added: ‘When you are young, the skin cells replenish every 28 days, but as you age, cells build up on the skin for longer. The active soil complex helps improve the turnover of these cells, which makes pores appear smaller.

‘Many women don’t have confidence in their skin and just want to feel good about themselves. This is a treatment they can fit into any skincare routine.’

The make-up, which costs 45 and is applied with a brush, comes in four shades for a range of skin colours. Its makers claim it lasts throughout the night and does not leave any marks on the pillow. Beauty experts said the product would appeal to women in need of a confidence boost.

Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

Dream lover: Bare Escentuals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

Alice Hart-Davis, beauty expert and creator of, said: ‘This is a very unusual product because it is an overnight treatment that also has cosmetic benefits.

‘In principle, I object to anything that makes women feeling under pressure to improve their looks in the bedroom, but in practice, I know how many women do their level best never to let their other half see them without make-up.

‘For them, and for women who lack confidence in how their skin looks, it could be a handy addition to their night-time face care routine.

‘The idea of a night treatment is not new, but the idea of a night treatment product that has cosmetic benefits too, and makes you look better while you’re wearing it, is a real novelty.’

The product has been featured on shopping channel QVC, which carried out the make-up survey, twice this year and sold out within minutes both times.

It can also be bought from Selfridges in London, Manchester and Birmingham and Bare Escentuals Boutiques in Covent Garden, St Albans and Windsor.