Sarah Ferguson: "I wish Prince Andew and I never got divorced"

“I wish we”d never got divorced” Fergie reveals true feelings for Andrew as she is hypnotised for new reality show

6:50 PM on 16th May 2011

 Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson

“Still best friends”: Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, pictured in 2007

After publicly airing her woes in a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of York has decided to take things a step further by being hypnotised for an American reality show.

Sarah Ferguson, who has been beset by money worries and scandal, bares her soul to a psychiatrist as she lies on a chaise longue with her head resting on a satin pillow.

During the session, the Duke of York’s former wife reveals how she regrets divorcing him – wishing she ‘could go back and be the bride again’.

The television series, called Finding Sarah, was filmed by the cable network of U.S. chat show host Oprah.

Whilst apparently under hypnosis, the 51-year-old Duchess is filmed saying: ‘I wish we’d never got divorced.

‘He and I both wish we’d never got divorced, but we did. I wish I could go back and be the bride again, but I can’t.

‘He’s by best friend and the father of my children. He’s a great ex.’

The show is the latest in a string of attempts the Duchess is making to repay her 4million of debts.

Earlier this month she went on The Oprah Winfrey Show and revealed her anguish after being snubbed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

She said that it was ‘difficult’ not being invited because she wanted to share the day with her daughters, Princesses Beatrice, 22, and Eugenie, 21, who were invited along with their father Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson on Oprah

“Finding Sarah” is a six-part reality show produced by Oprah Winfrey”s network

She said: “I went through the phase of feeling so totally worthless and that it was quite right they didn”t invite me. Why would they – why would they invite me”

Last year, the Duchess was filmed by an undercover reporter posing as an Indian businessman offering access to her former husband, Britain’s trade ambassador, for 500,000.

The hypnosis footage was intended to be used in a six-part series but it is understood that executives may yet decide not to use it.

“Finding Sarah” will air in the U.S next month and will chronicle the Duchess” path from losing weight to the “errors” she made, that eventually led to her being excluded from the Royal Wedding.

Regrets: Sarah wishes she could

Regrets: Sarah Ferguson says she wishes she could “go back to being a bride”

It will feature guest appearances from her daughters as she travels across America addressing her personal issues

Viewers will also see the Duchess undergo therapy with TV psychologist Dr Phil, who makes her realize how the traumas of her childhood continue to impact her as he says she is “emotionally bankrupt”.

The show had been due to air in spring but it is understood it was delayed because network boss Oprah found it to be ‘boring’ in parts and not hard-hitting enough.