Ryan Giggs"s wife says she will stick with footballer despite Imogen Thomas affair

Ryan Giggs"s wife says she will stick with footballer despite Imogen Thomas affair

Stand by your man: Giggs”s wife Stacey says she will stick with the footballer despite his affair

3:06 PM on 26th May 2011

Despite his cheating ways, Ryan Giggs”s wife has said she will stand by her man, it has been revealed.

Stacey, 32, vowed to stick with the footballer after revelations over the 37-year-old”s affair.

Even though he tried desperately to keep his infidelities out of the public eye, the mother of his two children, said she was upset but prepared to move on.

Stacey GiggsImogen Thomas

Forgiven: Stacey Giggs, left, has vowed to support her husband despite his affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas

A source told the paper: “Stacey knows this could well be his last big European night and wants him to do himself proud.”

Giggs”s wife has told the left winger to “go out there and play the game of your life” ahead of Manchester United”s Champions League final against Barcelona, according to the Daily Mirror.

The player has admitted he was a “fool” and wishes it had never happened and he is relieved that his wife is standing by him.

Giggs was officially named after Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming used Parliamentary privilege to identify him.

“Fool”: Ryan Giggs arrives at training today ahead of the Champion League final. The footballer has said he was a “fool” for having an affair

Another source said: “Ryan loves Stacey and he hates the fact he has upset her. He said it was a moment of madness that spiralled out of control.


Arenowned actor behind a gagging order preventing him from being named as the person who had sex with a prostitute has been told to give himself up.

Helen Wood, 24, who also bedded Wayne Rooney has warned that he will be outed eventually just like Ryan Giggs earlier this week.

Shetold the Sun: “He should just be a man, give up and admit who he is andwhat he has done. After what happened to Ryan Giggs, it”s only a matterof time before he is named.”

The married actor paid 195 for sex with the prostitute who says her name has been “dragged through the mud”while he has hidden behind the expensive order.

“But he doesn”t regret taking out the injunction because, at the end of the day, he did it to protect the things most dear to him – his children.”

On Sunday she was pictured pitchside at Old Trafford for a family event to celebrate Man Utd winning the Premier League.

However, days later she was spotted leaving the house without her wedding ring following a blazing row between the couple.

Meanwhile, Big Brother star Imogen Thomas is believed to have called in the police because of death threatsshe has received over the furore.

One message branded her a “home wrecking s***” while another suggested she be shot through the head.

Ms Thomas”s chilling messages, however, have become so serious that she has contacted police and officers were seen talking to her outside her London flat last night.

One of the warnings posted on Twitter said: “I wanna hear u scream of fear when u see what i do to u and your family.”

Others claim to know where she lives, what car she drives and the addresses of some of her closest relatives.

Accordingto the Sun Imogen told a friend: “I fear my life is in danger. I had toget police involved now they”re threatening my nephew. He”s the most important thing in my life.”

Twitter has refused to help police investigating the threats put police have reassured her that detectives have other ways of finding them and are going after them.

Thereis also fresh trouble for the actor who gagged the Press over his liaisons with the Wayne Rooney prostitute, Helen Wood, as she predicted that he would be outed too.

Tweets mentioning the alleged affair between Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs could land users in hot water

Tweets mentioning the alleged affair between Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs could land users in hot water

Twitter users who break privacy injunctions online have been warned they could face court without any help from the micro-blogging site, its European boss warned yesterday.

Tony Wang added that the firm would hand over users” information to the authorities if doing so were “legally required”.

Celebrity lawyers are challenging Twitter in court to reveal the identities of account holders who named high-profile figures who have allegedly taken out the gagging orders.

Speaking at the e-G8 forum in Paris, Mr Wang said: “Platforms have a responsibility not to defend that user but to protect that user”s right to defend him or herself,” The Daily Telegraph reported.

He refused to comment on the estimated 75,000 users who named Ryan Giggs as the Premier League footballer who had taken out the draconian measure to hide an extramarital affair before the sportsman”s name was revealed in Parliament on Monday.

But he did say Twitter would comply with local laws and inform any users if their details are passed to police or the courts.

Elsewhere at the technology forum, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales criticised the use of gagging orders.

He told the BBC: “I do view it to being similar to the Chinese situation where they also cover up misdeeds of high-ranking people.”