We’ve lost 67 stone! Rosemary Conley’s biggest losers of the year include a man who lost 10st after getting stuck in a turnstile All my life I've been the jolly fat friend, says top slimmer Marc Littlejohn I was getting through 4,000 calories, says yummy mummy now a size 10At 16st I couldn't get into a boat! – now slimmer wins second rowing race

When his 26 stone 2lb frame got wedged in a turnstile, football fan Marc Littlejohn realised he had to do something about his weight.

Traumatized by the incident, the 30-year-old from Halstead, Essex, who was always considered 'the jolly fat friend', hit the gym and started running three times a week.

And after shedding 10st 2lb and trimming his waist from 52 inches to 36 he has been crowned as the nation's super fit male slimmer.

Biggest losers: (From left) Michelle McBarnet, Anneltje Hacuebord, Marc Littlejohn, Alison Purvis Gisborne, Helen Elverson, Michael Jones, Jane Hall and Lady Arabella Onslow

Biggest losers: (From left) Michelle McBarnet, Anneltje Hacuebord, Marc Littlejohn, Alison Purvis Gisborne, Helen Elverson, Michael Jones, Jane Hall and Lady Arabella Onslow

He is one of eight dieters who have been revealed as Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine Slimmers of 2012.

Mr Littlejohn said: 'All my life I've been the jolly fat friend and I often got in the fat jokes before anyone else could.

had the biggest belly you've ever seen. If I'd gone on as I was I would
have got bigger and bigger and almost certainly had a heart attack.'

But following advice from a diet club and becoming more active Mr Littljohn says his life has been turned around.

'I strongly believe Rosemary Conley, and my instructor Karen Perkins, have saved my life.'


Marc Littlejohn

Marc Littlejohn

Super fit male slimmer: Marc Littlejohn shed 10st 2lb, taking his waist from 52 inches to a trim 36


Jane Hall

Jane Hall

50+ slimmer: Jane Hal, 54, lost 7st 5lb in 18
months and can now ride her motorbike comfortably

Others to win awards include Jane Hall who was nicknamed Fatty Arbuckle as a teenager.

The 54-year-old, from Lancaster, used to weigh 18st 4lb and wear a dress
size 26, but landed the 50+ slimmer award after shedding 7st 5lb in 18

For years she battled with comfort eating, but following a health scare she decided to join the Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club.

Jane was also determined to enjoy her motorbiking hobby without her stomach resting on the motorbike's fuel tank.

I fell in love with rowing but at nearly 16st
I couldn't have even considered getting into a boat

Commenting on her achievement she said: 'I've now got my own fitted jacket in a sexy red and black that makes me feel feminine, and a brand new Honda Shadow Black Spirit 750cc to roar about on.'

Anneltje Hacquebord, 34, from Oxford, also decided to fight the pounds so she could enjoy rowing for the first time.

She said: 'Living in Oxford, I fell in love with rowing but at nearly 16st
I couldn't have even considered getting into a boat.'

Anneltje, who juggles a career as an architect by day and a flamenco teacher by night, was crowned career woman slimmer of the year for losing six stone in less than a year and dropping from a size 20 to a svelte size 10.

said: 'I am so delighted with what has happened and getting this award
simply endorses what it means to me, it's an external acknowledgement of
what I have achieved.

'Now I've lost so
much weight I row regularly and have just won my second race.'


Anneltje Hacquebord

Anneltje Hacquebord

Career woman slimmer: Anneltje Hacquebord, 34, who dropped from a size 20 to a size 10, can now fit in a boat


Michael Jones

Michael Jones

Doting dad slimmer: Michael Jones, 40, went from 21st 11.2lb to 12st 13lb

Finding a different motivation Michael Jones, 40, from Luton, Bedfordshire, decided to get in shape so he could be a better dad.

After falling from 21st 11.2lb to 12st 13lb he won the title of doting dad slimmer of the year.

The computer programmer, lived a sedentary lifestyle. At home he watched TV or played computer games, often until 3am, leaving little time for his son, 12-year-old Jonathan.

The final straw came when he was asked to leave a rollercoaster ride because he was too big for the seat.

He added: 'I wasn't a very good dad at all.'

GP Lady Arabella Onslow, from Kirkby-in-Furness, Cumbria, lost a massive 10st after she had to tell a patient to lose weight.

She said: 'As a GP you listen to patients with all sorts of problems and, of course, not all of them are connected with weight, but a lot can be like breathlessness, bad joints and diabetes.

'So when I had to tell a patient they would benefit from losing weight I felt they were judging me.'

The 41-year-old who won Rosemary Conley's health professional slimmer of the year award now wears a size 12 for the first time in more than 20 years.

She said that she can now give a positive message to her patients, but before she was conscious of her size:

'I couldn't sit down comfortably, my knees ached, I developed sciatica and at one point I needed an extra seat belt extension on a flight.'

Alison Purvis-Gisborne from Dronfield, Derbyshire, also felt self-conscious in her career as a sports physiology lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

'Weighing 20st and lecturing others on how the human body responds to exercise made me feel embarrassed,' she said.


Lady Arabella Onslow

Lady Arabella Onslow

Health professional slimmer: Lady Arabella Onslow, lost 10st after she had to tell a patient to lose weight


Alison Purvis-Gisborne

Alison Purvis-Gisborne

Online slimmer: Alison Purvis-Gisborne used to weigh 20st but is now a slimmer 10st 12.5lb

But the 36-year-old now weighs 10st 12.5lb after she realised her unhealthy diet of ice cream, chocolate biscuits and pizza was having a negative impact on her body.

She said: 'I was horrified to discover how high
my blood pressure was and realised I had to change to protect my health
before it was too late.

'That early grave seemed a whole lot closer but I was given the chance to reduce it through weight loss rather than medication.'

Alison,now trains five times a week and has signed up for the London Marathon. She landed Rosemary Conley's online slimmer of the year award for losing 9st in just 14 months.

Sport and exercise unite all the winners and discovering a love of cycling after shedding a mammoth 8st 2lb in just over a year earned Michelle McBarnett, 39, the title of super fit female slimmer of 2012.

Michelle, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, used to weigh 20st 2lb and wear a size 20 – 22 but now weighs just 12st and is a slimline size 12 – 14.

It wasn't just baby cravings, it was me being a pig and I reckon I was getting through 4,000 calories some days

For years she had been on medication for high blood pressure, but not wanting to take tablets for the rest of her life she decided to take action.

She said: 'At only 37 years of age the thought of having to take tablets for the rest of my life was a real shock.

'Rather than having a final goal weight I set my sights on getting off medication as quickly as possible.'

Since losing weight she has completed her first bike marathon – in just two hours and six minutes, and cycles four miles every day and up to 30 miles at a weekend.

She has also set herself a new challenge of completing the London to Brighton 54 mile bike ride – something she never thought she would be healthy enough to do.

Helen Elverson, 33, was the final slimmer to be awarded for her successful weight-loss.

The mother-of-three, from Milton Keynes, was slim when she had her children, but found that pregnancy and a change of lifestyle took their toll on her body.

Her weight shot up to a 'hefty' 19st and she became a size 24, gorging on cakes, pastries, chocolates and five bags of crisps a day.

She said: 'It wasn't just baby cravings, it was me being a pig and I reckon I was getting through 4,000 calories some days.

'I had no interests, no hobbies and no social life.'

But after joining a slimming club she lost 8st 7lb in just 14 months, and now shops for size 10 clothes for her 10st 7lb frame.

The winners will all be presented with their awards and 1,000 from Rosemary Conley at a ceremony held in London this evening.


Michelle McBarnett

Michelle McBarnett

Super fit female slimmer: Michelle McBarnett used to wear a size 20 – 22 but now shops for size 12 – 14


 Helen Elverson

 Helen Elverson

Yummy mummy slimmer: Helen Elverson, 33, was once a size 24, but after losing 8st 7lb she is now a a size 10