RICHARD KAY: How Freud revealed his dark side



07:11 GMT, 9 July 2012

When Lucian Freud died, the tributes to the painter were fulsome and generous. But almost exactly a year after his death comes a chilling new assessment of one of our greatest artists as a frightening and evil genius.

Writer and broadcaster Lady Lucinda Lambton has spoken for the first time about the long affair Freud conducted with her late mother, Bindy, known for her angular beauty and married for 56 years to the disgraced former Tory minister, the Earl of Lambton.

Freud painted Bindy’s portrait several times in the Sixties, and in 1992 Lambton, from whom she had been estranged, sold two of them to pay for her medical bills.

Lucien Freud was a troubled young boy, with a dark side says Lady Lucinda Lambton

Lucien Freud was a troubled young boy, with a dark side says Lady Lucinda Lambton

Now Lucinda reveals that her mother was Freud’s mistress ‘for many, many, many, many years’, and adds: ‘He was frightening.’

Married to former newspaper editor Sir Perry Worsthorne, Lady Lucinda tells me: ‘Freud had a malign streak. I have never spoken about this before — not even to friends. I am not even sure I have told Perry about it.’

According to Lucinda, 69, Freud had what she calls ‘this terrible badness — this terrible evil in him’. She tells me: ‘I haven’t ever spoken about this because he was also a tremendously brilliant man.’
However, she decided to reveal all to her friend, broadcaster Laurie Taylor, for the Sky Arts programme, In Confidence, to be screened later this month.

Lucinda describes an occasion some years ago when Freud wanted her to go to the police because a girlfriend of his had left a car at Lucinda’s house from where it had been stolen.

‘He wanted me to say she had not left the car. And I didn’t want to,’ says Lucinda.

Later Freud put a note through her door, which had letters cut out from newspapers, saying: ‘If you do not go to the police tomorrow, I will kill you.’

Lucinda’s mother, Belinda ‘Bindy’ Blew-Jones, a society hostess, was married to Tony Lambton, who was forced to resign over a call-girl scandal in 1973.

Lucinda also suggests that reports that Freud had 14 children were very much an underestimate.

‘There were 24 at the last count 30 years ago,’ she says.

Mary Slims for secret gown

For society types still trying to solicit an invite to the hippest wedding of the year —when Lady Mary Charteris marries her Old Harrovian rocker boyfriend Robbie Furze — it is a scramble to the finishing line.

So no wonder bride-to-be Mary is feeling under pressure to look her ravishing best.
However, friends are concerned that the daughter of the Earl of Wemyss — he was once an advocate of drilling holes in the skull to expand consciousness — has gone too far in her quest to stand out in her white dress.

The already slim model, who is keeping precise details of her exotic gown top secret — but it is said to be coming from Paris — is on a rigorous pre- wedding diet.

Friends are worried Mary has gone too far in her quest to slim down for the big day

Friends are worried Mary has gone too far in her quest to slim down for the big day

‘It’s quite depressing,’ says one of her pals. ‘Mary is beautiful and her figure is ever so slight. The bridesmaids she’s chosen are all close friends, but they’re all mortified as she seems to be rapidly disappearing.’

To add further stress in the run-up to her big day, to be held at the family home on September 1, some of Mary’s American guests haven’t responded to their invites.
Venting her frustration, Mary took to her Facebook page. ‘RSVP BIATCHES,’ she opines.

If they don’t, there are plenty who’ll gladly take their places.

Webb, the former Sussex cricketer who became an actor and played the
father of ‘Duckface’ (Anna Chancellor) in the film Four Weddings And A
Funeral, is 90 on Wednesday.

a champagne reception for cricketers past and present at his home in
Bramber, West Sussex, one highly conspicuous absentee will be Robin
Marlar, 81, Webb’s former county captain and ex-president of the MCC,
known as ‘Snarler’.

a 2004 article in Wisden, Marlar alleged that a dropped catch by Webb
had cost Sussex the county championship in 1953, the Queen’s Coronation
year. Webb was outraged by this allegation and Sussex cricket archivists
failed to find any trace of the alleged dropped catch.

wife, actress Barbara Whatley — who once turned down a marriage
proposal from Elvis Presley — says of Marlar’s exclusion from the party,
which she has organised: ‘His invitation Oh dear. Perhaps it got
dropped on its way to the postbox!’

De Savary pushes the boat out

No longer as wealthy as he once was — in the Nineties, his empire collapsed with debts of more than 700million — entrepreneur and yachtsman Peter de Savary still pushes the boat out for his children.

‘I’m not wasteful, but I may be slightly extravagant and I’ve just spent a small fortune on a weekend of celebrations for my daughter Savannah’s 21st,’ says multi-millionaire de Savary, the father of five daughters, who hosted a party for 50 of Savannah’s pals at his Carey Arms Hotel in picturesque Babbacombe Bay, Devon.

Savannah (pictured), his youngest, is at Oxford studying archaeology, and de Savary laid on a weekend of fun, with watersports, spa treatments and a lobster and champagne bash with fireworks.
‘The next day there was a James Bond-themed black-tie dinner,’ says de Savary, who owned Skibo Castle in Scotland, where Madonna wed Guy Ritchie, and who is developing tourism in Grenada in the Caribbean.

Of the partying, de Savary says that he refrained from drinking his own champagne.
‘I wanted to stay sober because I was on patrol — making sure all the youngsters were ok.’

Savannah de Savary laid on an extravagant party

Savannah de Savary laid on an extravagant party

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing
believes the cost of food at the Olympics is sure to leave a bad taste
in people’s mouths. ‘There is only so much people will pay for food,’ he
says at a party at the London Film Museum.

‘My prices will remain exactly the same. I never even thought of putting them up just because the Games are on.’ But many others will cash in on the extra tourists by increasing their prices, in some cases by up to four times.

‘That is naughty,’ says Wareing. ‘The meal is the same, whether the Games are on or not.’

Alison Steadman won’t have to pretend to be a vegetarian any more in the award-winning BBC comedy series Gavin & Stacey.

For Alison, 65, says there are no plans to film any further series of the hit show.
At a Rooftop Film Club screening of her former husband Mike Leigh’s movie Life Is Sweet, in East London, Alison says of her fellow cast members: ‘James [Corden] is a star on Broadway with One Man, Two Guvnors and Ruth [Jones] has her own series on Sky. They have so many other commitments.

‘No announcement has been made, but I can’t see us filming another series. There may be a Christmas special, but that’s all.’

PS At the age of 67, Diana Heimann has never shirked a challenge. The daughter of the late Tory chancellor Iain Macleod overcame polio as a child and has broken her back three times.

But today, she will step out on a 32-mile walk to raise money to help fight the pancreatic cancer that killed her Old Harrovian husband, David, last year. She’d planned to walk from her home in Amersham, Bucks, to Annabel’s in Mayfair, where she and David were regulars on the dancefloor.

Instead, in a romantic gesture, she will walk to Christchurch College, Oxford, where Heimann studied.