Red carpet deja vu: The celebrities who know what poses work, and stick to them!



09:26 GMT, 16 November 2012

Most of us don’t have to make regular appearances on the red carpet but, come Christmas party season, the cameras will come out and it’s time to strike a pose. Take your cue from these signature celebrity red carpet poses, perfected by stars.

The Beckham bend

Long before she was designing red carpet frocks, Victoria Beckham was a red carpet regular as Posh Spice. Her signature pose is all about posture and artful leg arrangement. Becks generally favours her left side, jutting her left leg toward the photographer to elongate her body.

She angles her hips into a three-quarter
angle to look slimmer and pulls her shoulders together as she leans
back for extra height.

Victoria Beckham


Seeing double: Victoria favours her left side, and her pose and pout are now synonymous with her

The Lively Lean

Blake Lively’s youthful lean looks playful and relaxed. With your feet two to three inches apart, bend one knee and lean slightly toward the hip that is highest, with your head slightly tilted in the same direction.

Do practice this one at home first to make sure you don’t look like you’re about to topple over.


blake Lively

Lively lean: Baring your weight onto one foot with a slight lean makes you look relaxed in photos

Hands Like Hendricks

Mad Men sex pot Christina Hendricks plays up her curves on the red carpet by strategically placing one hand on her hip, with the other one draped in front of her body – often holding a clutch.



Driving Men Mad: Ms Hendricks knows how to accentuate her best assets on the red carpet

With her feet close together, one foot just in front of the other, she pushes her forward knee toward the other to accentuate her hourglass proportions. This pose is also a favourite for Beyonc.

Watson’s Cross

Emma Watson’s leg cross simultaneously serves to make her legs look longer and more toned, while also giving off an attitude of humble shyness. Crossing your legs like this can also make your hips look narrower and, if you subtly lean back, make you look taller.


LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22: Emma Watson dressed in Burberry arrives at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Show at R

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Try these other top tips for looking red carpet glamourous in photos: Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to create instant cheekbones. Jennifer Lopez and Livia Firth both employ this tactic. And tilt your head down to look up from under your lashes to make your eyes look bigger.Try, if possible, to avoid having your picture taken sitting down – standing poses look more confident and flattering.
Finally, take your time getting into the pose to avoid looking like Paris Hilton in a hurry to those who are actually watching you.