Raise a glass: Babycham is back! (Just in time for the Christmas party season…)



00:50 GMT, 25 October 2012

Babycham is back!

Babycham is back!

The champagne-wannabe is not quite back to its heyday, when this sparkling perry was so popular it had to be rationed in case supplies dried up.

But it seems that some of us at least would still love a Babycham.

Last year, the major supermarket chains announced that sales of the drink, with its so-naff-it's-cool Bambi icon, had soared by 50 per cent.

Now Maggie's, London's popular
Eighties-themed nightclub (named after you-know-who) has launched a
Babycham Bar, offering a variety of cocktails made with the sparkling

The range of drinks includes Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am (Babycham, Goldschlager, tequila, lemon juice, sugar and lychee), Boom And Bust (Babycham, peach schnapps and Disaronno), and Lady In Red (Babycham, Chambord, apple juice and soda).

These may be sipped from Rubik's Cube drinking vessels while you're nibbling on a cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

And shoulder-padded revellers are flocking to the bar to sip their way back to a pre-recession 'loadsamoney' era. 'People want a break from the bad news,' explains the club’s owner Charlie Gilkes.

'And lots of us have nostalgic childhood memories of Babycham — for many people, it's the first alcoholic drink they ever tasted.

'The thing is, Babycham tastes a lot better in a cocktail than it does on its own!'