Power Balance Bracelets To Pay $57 Million For False Claims, Will Go Bankrupt

Power Balance Bracelets Forced to Pay $57 Million, Expected to Close Shop
Power Balance — the company that allegedly duped athletes into believing its bracelets could provide super-human strength — is about to take a $57 million dollar hit in a lawsuit filed by people who called BS on the product … We have learned.

As we previously reported, a class action suit was filed in federal court in L.A. back in January … alleging consumers were duped into believing the hologram-embedded band was scientifically proven to enhance balance, flexibility and strength. There was just one small problem — there was never any hard evidence to back those claims.

Now, sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell us … the company has reached a settlement worth $57.4 million, intended to compensate all those who were misled into buying the product.

And it gets worse for PB — we’re told the company will be declaring bankruptcy and plans to fold up shop altogether.

The Power Balance bracelets CRUSHED IT when they first appeared on the scene a few years ago — with superstars like Drew Brees and Shaq vouching for the product.

Turns out … size, strength and talent can’t be sold in stores.
Power Balance officially filed for bankruptcy this morning … but afterward, the company posted a tweet stating, “Power Balance is not going out of business.”